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Zeus video blog katowice 2016 (in pool)

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Hello everyone, Danya Zeus here Just came back from the gym We have a nice pool here Pretty nice You can just swim around, relax Tomorrow we're opening IEM vs Fnatic at 12 Super important game We'll do our best, as usual I've read your comments from the last video Found some nice questions, will ask GuardiaN to answer them I will record all of it The only problem is, GuardiaN is not here... yet Idk where he is We're leaving for a photoshoot in 2 hours For ESL And you know, we kinda need GuardiaN Maybe they'll photoshop him in But hopefully he will arrive soon It's 2 o'clock already I'll swim a bit more and will go eat Didn't workout too much at the gym I know how hands "behave" after working out too much In game I'm trying to avoid working out when we have tournaments It's much better to do that before or after them I think I did just enough today so everything will be OK tomorrow We will possible play Dust 2 with fnatic I can say that we prepared a couple of game-styles One of them is a team style Maximum teamwork Fnatic really like to play on trade They like to shit on your tactics [TACTICAL INFORMATON CLASSIFIED] [TACTICAL INFORMATON CLASSIFIED] Maybe surprise them and win We will see [TACTICAL INFORMATON CLASSIFIED] Just talked to Maniac Ex-player on Titan, currently nV's coach We talked a little He told me that he That he worked in a company Where people came in with personal or other issues And he guided and helped them out Basically detected the issue and solved it Like a Psychologist And now he told me that he does the same thing in EnvyUs He said that they also have some issues Told me about kennyS and other guys Many might not know that kennyS When he doesn't play well he is really nervous Starts to kind of lose it And becomes psychologically weak So they are working on that So he can have greater focus Told me about Happy and Kio People that "don't like playing CS" That they spend their free time playing other games Deathmatch, MM, FPL is rare for them Happy plays kind of an ending role He uses his brain And it's not important for him to be a good aimer But kio shows his skill mostly by pure aim So it's kind of weird Maybe that's why he has in-game issues sometimes On the other hand, NBK and Apex are like 2 hard-working players NBK, everyday on DM kills 1000 bots Wait, not bots Maybe for him 1000 players* So he plays lots of DM See guys, if you want to play well, practice a lot (on our servers) Sometimes I play on those servers too Also talked about their mood They are battle-ready This tournament is expected to be epic Of course the goal would be exiting the groups from first place But minimum is getting out of groups We will try to finish first The game with fnatic is important Plus NiP prepared for this torunament They are in decent form Also Luminosity We know what these guys can do For us this is a test We decided to skip Barcelona Although we had a chance In theory we were invited But decided to practice for Katowice We will see how it works out Okay guys, soon we will have a team meeting Also a photoshoot I wish you good mood, I'm reading your questions and waiting for GuardiaN Follow the news, tournament starts tomorrow This was Danya Zeus, bye!

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Zeus video blog katowice 2016 (in pool)

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