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Caspar The Friendly Ghost in There's Good Boos Tonight

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"Now, isn't this a perfect setting for a spine-tingling ghost story". "Well, strangely enough, this is a ghost story!" "Do you scare easily? Do you have nightmares? Do shadows on the wall scare you?" "well, relax" "This isn't that kind of story." "And, just to prove it, " "let me introduce a ghost that is out of this world!" "He's name is Caspar" Caspar is reading a book. He found something makes him happy, A picture of a boy with lots of friends. He's thinking, thinking maybe he could get some friends some day. A ghost woke up in the midnight He calls his friends or neighbors to get up... Every ghost looks sleepy, even though they slept all day "Every night, with the rise of the moon," "Casper's neighbors go off on their jobs of scaring the daylights out of people!" fool, fool, fool come on Caspar, time to go out to fool people The ghost works just like planes. They fly to the town and trying to scare people "Caspar doesn't want to go out to fool people." "He wants to be friendly." "Caspar sees no future in this sound of life. So, he dicide to go out to make friends." Caspar came to a beautiful farm. There's a calf drinking Caspar suddnally ask him "en.. what's your name?" Even though Caspar smiled to him, but he still get scared. He runs away in to the barn His mum going out and wants to beat the guy who scared her kid She looked at Caspar closely. Caspar gets a little bit embarrsing bu he still talk to her "I... I'm Caspar" She get scared when she realized Caspar is a ghost. She runs away so quickly like a rock could flying into sky. Caspar is sad. He walked slowly, looking at ground. Suddenly, he saw a cuit skunk. The walk stright, he looks happy Caspar follow him and walk just like him. he looks happy for doing this. Thelooked backward, he saw Caspar. but turn around looks like nothing strange. He stoped and turn around, looked at Caspar. "en.. Can we be friends? huh?" He suddenly jumped in the air and runs away.. Caspar is taking a shower to clean the bad smell He looks like unhappy Caspar's so sad, Every step he walks it's so heavy for him. He sits on a and start crying. There's a little fox found something unusual. He look follow the sound and found Caspar is crying The fox became sad and start cay either. The Fox come to the front of Caspar and trying to comfurt him. Caspar's amazing when he saw the fox, He's so happy there's someone could stay with him Aren't... aren't you secared me? "You are a cute little fox."

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Country: China
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Posted by: bojin on Nov 4, 2009

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