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Hello, in this video we are going to talk about mobile technology. The cell phone that came to allow communication between people who are far or near. In 1983 comes the first cell phone with antenna, laptop, battery life of one hour and allowed to receive and make calls. In 1983 comes the nokia with unique design to carry travel in a car. In 1993 BELLSOUTH arrives with functionalities such as calculator, fax and email. In 1996 comes the MOTOROLA with a lightweight design In 1998 comes NOKIA 6110 with a better appearance. In 1999 comes the NOKIA 3210 in format "candybar" In the year 2000 comes the NOKIA 8260 with a smaller design, also in 2000 comes the KYOCERA with eight MB of memory. For 2001 comes the TREO 180 with monochrome screens and in that same year comes the NOKIA 8250 with color screen. For 2002 comes the T-MOBILE and with them the Internet browsing. Also in 2002 comes the BLACKBERRY 5810 that allowed the reception and sending of emails. For 2003 comes the NOKIA with video games, for 2004 the MOTOROLA with slim design In 2005 the SONY ERICSSON with musical reproduction, for 2006 the BLACK BERRY with audio and video player, image, design and multimedia features. For the 2007 IPHONE created by APPLE that breaks the mobile story in two. For the 2008 HTC G1 with a good android operating system. For 2009 the MOTOROLA with big screen For the 2011 SAMSUNG GALAXY with applications. For 2012 the IPHONE FIVE and the 2013 SAMSUNG GALAXY S FOUR. From then on the story continues with everything created in IPHONE AND SMARPHONE

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Posted by: leidymairena.becerra on Aug 24, 2017

Video sobre información de celulares de lo antiguo a lo moderno...

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