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SpaceUp HOU 11 - Camilla T-5 talk

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Let me see. Who knows this rubber chicken? I am so excited that less than half know her. Because that means that she has to do a lot of work today. Getting to know all of you. So here's the story. This is a mission mascot. The NASA SDO -- Solar Dynamics Observatory mission mascot. As she's a real rubber chicken dressed in a astro flight suit. Can it get any weirder? Yes. It can. There's a story where at the TSA checkpoint I asked them to do a pat down. They refused. I wonder why? I thought that rubber-on-rubber there might be a spark ... no. There are so many stories of Camilla and getting into adventures that it's sometimes mind boggling how people react to it. But what we really want to do is we want to incorporate a mission mascot in education and public outreach. Our initial goal was to touch kids. Because if, y'know, get their attention somehow you have a better chance of connecting with them. Turns out that the adults are totally into it as well. Which I think is crazy. But then I've been walking around with one. So.... But the question is "Why are we doing this?" Let me ask you a couple questions. Who is on twitter? Okay. Who is on Facebook? Okay. Foursquare? Okay. So there are so many different social media tools out there we want to capture so many of them and kind of draw a pretty wide audience into it. But why? What's the purpose? Well, society has really changed with internet as we all know. And with social media it has changed even more dramatically. I mean we have now teachers using social media in schools to educate their students. I mean that's just amazing. But one thing that you ought to know is this. NASA is number one in the public sector in social media. That's really exciting. I mean considering that the IRS HAS some really awesome news to share too on social media, I think it's pretty easy to say that what NASA does, really, is amazing stuff. So, no wonder they're number one. But we have to do more than that. We can't stop now. We're doing a great job with the media part but we're not doing a perfect job in the social department. What do I mean by that? I'm going to talk about this, well, Camilla's going to talk about this in one of her sessions. But here's a quick intro into why we need social media. So let me see if I can figure this one out here. [audience]: Before you do that, we're working a sound issue. So the following movie is something Camilla put together all by herself. And it shows why she does social media. ♫ ♫ ♫ Dramatic soundtrack playing ♫ ♫ ♫ [video playback audio not understandable] Moderator: Anyway. What she is saying you wouldn't understand anyway. [audience laughter] ♫ ♫ ♫ Dramatic soundtrack playing ♫ ♫ ♫ [video playback audio problems] Moderator: And this now you should understand. We're having slight technical difficulties. [video playback audio difficulties]. Moderator: So we'll stop this, nonsense. The whole purpose of this was to show that when a scientist, when we have science people talk about what they do, most of us, we have no clue what they are saying. Of course when they talk to their peers everybody gets excited. But when they talk to us normal people with jobs in different fields we sometimes really have no idea what those words mean. So we take that information and somewhat translate it into a form for everyday people that don't have the background to understand it And that's what we're trying to do with Camilla and with other NASA projects and mascots. Taking the science information and translating it into something that people can understand. And we're going to have a separate session about this and I encourage you to attend because we need your input. What can we do better and how can we make it so that you, your children and your grandfather and your mother understand what we're trying to tell you guys. So I have one big request. Camilla wants a picture with all of you over the weekend because that's how she interacts with the rest of the world. She wants to be the social one. She's on Facebook. She's on Twitter. She's on YouTube. She is pretty much everywhere. She's going to have her own NASA project. And believe it or not, we're working on getting her into space. Because before that, she's training to go to the edge of space with Buzz Aldrin who is also here. Buzz Aldrin is another mascot. This guy is from the Bears on Patrol nonprofit organization [BOPS] led by Blake. Where's Blake? Right there. They do wonderful things. They hand out teddy bears to police departments so that when they go on calls they have teddy bears to give out to small children. So we decided "Let's work together" to raise awareness for what they do. They help us raise awareness for education and public outreach. Let's send these two to the edge of space, have fun with it. People can watch it online. They can participate in science instruments and data and just have fun. So we'd like to meet everyone and if you decide to come to one of the sessions you don't like, we ask you to make sure you get up and go to a different one. Have fun! Camilla will be around. Take a picture with her.

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SpaceUp HOU 11 - Camilla T-5 talk

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