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My experience has been as an engineer and I have been working on Solar Power plants for the last 7 years. I worked in 4 continents at Solar Power Plants in the U.S., South Africa, Europe and now I am building the largest in Dubai. I met Abdullah because we are both Executive MBA students at Hult Business School and we launched a start-up thinking on how to harness energy to 10 million people which is the Hult Prize, but we really want to go above that we think that is too low. We really want to impact billions of people so that is where it all started. Genr8 is a peer-to-peer energy exchange and with the Genr8 platform you can trade energy to entities and we would do this using Smart Metering tools. So, maybe you went away in the Summer and you came back and you thought to yourself, “There is no way my energy bill could be this high”?! Actually you are probably right, because your energy bills is based on estimates rather than real-time consumption and Genr8 is here to change that. We would use smart metering to get your exact consumption and if you have solar panels or other ways generating energy, anything excess would be sold to anyone on the platform. Some of the many benefits are to help create solar kits to rural communities, we have done some tests in South Africa already, such as the building of solar kits, some lights to help kids study once the sun has set. There are a few start ups that are trying to do the same as us but we differ in the sense that we are targeting the areas which have poor energy infrastructure and also our technology is faster.

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