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Haphead Kickstarter

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Ten years from now, videogames are so immersive that teenagers learn skills just by playing: parkour, dancing... fighting. They made the haptic tech. We stole it. We hacked it. We made it our own. They call us hapheads. Society fears us as it always fears the new. But we don't care. The future belongs to us. That was from our upcoming webseries which we are hoping to release in January with your support. This summer our team used everything we learnt making low-fi sci-fi in the last seven years. for our most ambitious work yet. The first season is entirely shot and ready for post. It's over 60 minutes long but in order to finish it we need the music, the sound mixing and the special effects. And to show you what a big difference that all makes Check this out. Our factory floor is supposed to be the size of a city. but it isn't until our special effects gurus: Matt and Barb worked the magic that it gets the right Foxconny feel. This is the finish fight scene. And this is the fight scene without Adrian's and Fanny's music and sound FX. -Big difference. -Huge! On our last kickstarter on 2012 for our feature film Ghosts with Shit Jobs. You gave us four times what we asked for. This meant we were able to tour it to 25 cities rather than 5. We delivered on our promises. With interests. Unlike Ghosts, which was run entirely on volunteer power, we're paying everyone in this project. So for the last piece of money we decided to come to the audience directly, because we are making this for you, not for speculative investors or corporations. It will make the difference between getting to watch it in early next year or you getting to watch it in the distant future. And Haphead takes place in 2025, so time's ticking. Exactly. Sci-fi kind of has a best before date. So, please, check out our rewards and consider backing.

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Posted by: aram_mm on Nov 1, 2014

The main video for the Kickstarter campaign of Haphead.

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