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Никогаш повеќе

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Never again - Lyrime On the road to hell, facing a punishment or perhaps destiny, lost between the walls of the cage of human destinies - Idrizovo penitentiary, I asked myself is this a punishment or maybe a second chance for life, a life that seems to be so distant, forgotten and gone. Standing in front of the bars, watching in the distance, I was thinking how precious freedom is, but we are not really aware about this until we actually lose it. Drugs brought me here, I didn’t know why I was here and how long this would last, but I made a decision and I knew then that this place would change me, make me a better person, willing to tell my story, that bad things not always end tragically and that they can make us much stronger. I was aware that, in a way, these walls protected me from the cruel outside world and I was afraid of all the temptations that would still be there, waiting for me to get out of prison, but I promised myself… Never again! I was free at last… lonely, without any old or new friends, lost on the well known streets of Skopje, exhausted from waiting for the second chance for so long, which was actually the hardest and last temptation for me. but I knew that I had to endure and prove to myself and to the others that I did not go through this hell in vain and that after the rain comes sun. Hope dies last, and I believed in myself and the others. The sun finally came up, and I feel great. I love my work. I believe I can help people who have the same problem, to find their way and find themselves, among the margins of the good and bad in us. Open your heart and let the sun go in!!! Digital stories for transformation: “We all have a past”

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Duration: 2 minutes and 20 seconds
Country: Macedonia
Language: Macedonian
License: Dotsub - Standard License
Producer: Lyrime
Director: Lyrime
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Posted by: metamorphosis on Apr 22, 2009

дигитална приказна за трансформација на тема: „Сите имаме минато“ во која се опишува личното искуство на еден поранешен зависник од дрога

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