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Denis Martin, PSA - Productivity

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At PSA we are rather optimistic, but nonetheless realistic. Is being a large-sized company in the automotive industry, today, a gauge of success? Look at the US, Toyota, its performance. Being medium-sized is perhaps the solution. This allows us to be more agile, more flexible, more proactive. I still believe, after thirty years on the job, that industry can be preserved in France and in the Western world. To do this, industry needs to be highly competitive;it must not hide this fact. It needs productivity. It needs to be better than the rest. Technology is identical throughout the world. The competition uses the same processes. Our difference lies in our method of management: the facilities, the operators, training, and employee support. It's also for this reason that PSA devotes considerable efforts to the areas of training and development. We have not given up our research and development work. Quite the contrary. The Group has maintained and even stepped up these efforts. We are convinced that we ought to develop an array of vehicles with broader technologies. We have every reason to believe we can do this. We, ourselves, are the key to success. However, the managerial team must share its vision with all levels of the company, down to the lowest-ranking of employees. Everyone must share in the force of our convictions, our vision, and our objectives; this is a decisive factor in order to successfully transform ourselves. We want to be among the world leaders in the next three to four years. We have the capabilities, and we will be successful.

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Posted by: cscideas on Jan 12, 2010

Denis Martin presents a preliminary evaluation of the evolution of the automotive sector since the crisis began as well as changes in store in the future. What are the sources of productivity that will enable PSA to become a market leader in the coming years?

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