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Two thousand Venezuelans are interested in Liberlandian citizenship

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Brujula Internacional handles international topics from all political and geopolitical realities Let's remember that the United Nations was born in 1945 with only 51 states today the United Nations gathers over 290 states and possibly new realities will appear for example, there's talks today about how with the war in the Middle East surely the new geopolitical landscape will cause new states to emerge new realities could appear What's strange is for a new state to appear in Europe because Europe has ancient and well defined borders that's why we invited today to our show he who defines himself as President of the Republic of Liberland, the land of freedom which, like journalist Halim Naim said in his video is a territory that was not claimed by either Croatia nor Serbia Also today with us, helping with translation is Carlos Rios, venezuelan diplomat for many years until a little while our Ambassador to Qatar He is accompanying today Vit Jedlicka, presidente of the Republic of Liberland What is the meaning of this new reality? and what are your expectations in regards to your acceptance by the international community? We would like to be friends with everybody we are based mainly on freedom and love and that's why we attracted as much as 400.000 people, interested in our citizenship so, could they have passports? The people interested in being members of the Republic of Liberland? Sure, sure, and the are already in press What are Serbia's and Croatia's position in regards to this territory? We received support from Serbia, which stated directly that Liberland is not their territory He says: Croatia protects our borders between Croatia and Liberland, which is also a form of recognition Now, any citizen of the world can be a member of this Republic that you call Liberland? All the people that believe in liberty and are friendly to other people can become citizens We give the citizenship to everybody who helps us build the country who help with the construction of the country What is your relation with the United Nations? Have you made contact? Any relation with them so far? Part of his strategy is focusing in contacting different nations from the international community they are in direct contact with many governments including governments in an informal manner Part of this tour includes visiting New York where he will meet with officials of the United Nations Why the visit to Latin America and Venezuela? He says that Venezuela is a very nice country and he always wanted to come here for location In general most people are very friendly and the government is usually friendly to new countries He is here to give conferences, for example, we are coming now from a conference he gave at the UNIMET At the Metropolitan University you were? Speaking to the students? Yes, there was a conference with students present He says that there are 2.000 people from Venezuela also interested to be citizens of Liberland Now, it's not the smallest country in the world because the Vatican has less that 1 Km and you have 7 Km... Liberland is three times larger than Monaco Yes, similar to Liechtenstein and other states that are micro-states Yes, yes Do you have an organized government? Executive branch? Legislative and judicial branches? They announced the members of their new government just before Christmas He says that diplomats from Siria and Belize attended the announcement of this new government What's the European Union attitude towards Liberland? Given that it's located in EU territory, 28 states make the EU They have great support from members of the european parliament In the past, in cases of no man's land, res nullius, anyone could declare a state How is it possible that in Europe there can be the declaration of a new state when it seemed to be so full? He says this was the best and last chance on this planet to create a really free country a new country, on Terra Nullius Is it really a no man's land? He says, no longer, of course. After the declaration of the existence of Liberland it's no longer Terra Nullius What interest could a venezuelan citizen have in obtaining the Liberland citizenship? He says it's always good to have more nationalities and to be a member of a nation that is the freest country in the world But what if other governments don't recognize these passports? I mean, I could have the passport but it's practically null if other governments don't recognize it, right? He says that, by the end of the year, he hopes that at least 10 countries will have recognized us and our passports and we hope to have Liberland fully recognized in 5 years Isn't it a danger that small states keep appearing? Like what happened in Georgia or the Ucraine, now new republic? they even have diplomatic relations Venezuela has recognized some of these republics The case of Abjasia, for example, which has been recognized He says that it's a great opportunity for the world to recognize this new countries, I guess in the specific case of Liberland he considers that there would be a mutual benefit, for all countries There are three conditions that a State must meet First, Territory. They have a small one Population, which they can get from the applicants and government. They have a government as well. They meet the three fundamental characteristics of a State But they also need international recognition, which is the case of other new states whose existence is still in doubt He says that according to the Montevideo Convention you don't need the recognition by other states to be a state Where are you going now? He is going to Washington for 7 days then to Athens for a diplomatic event Serbia, Croatia, visit to Liberland and then back to Prague What's the language of this new republic or country? English English as language, although they all speak many different languages, no? Of course At this moment, how many citizens of the world have manifested their interest in becoming citizens of Liberland or land of freedom? He says they now have about 85.000 people that are serious, that finished the application. 1200 architects, 1300 lawyers 4000 people with some sort of diplomatic relations Interesting to have you here, specially with Carlos Rios career diplomat and University professor. Our partner at the Foreign Affairs Ministry for many years very knowledgeable in world affairs Effectively, like Vit Jedlicka says, a state can exist when it has a territory, a population and a government and little by little gain recognition my the international community All citizens of the world can become a member. Maybe some venezuelas will be interested in this We are going to follow closely this new reality. These are new facts in international law and international relations Remember that our Twitter is @brujulainter_gv. In case of suggestions or comments... If you want more information, just ask. We have more material on this and can give the information to you

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2 mil venezolanos estarían interesados en tener ciudadanía de _Liberland_

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