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STAR FOX TV SHOW! by smosh (Closed Captions)

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[buzzing] -Whoa, this Rumble Pak makes things a lot more funner! -Shut up! -(announcer) After over a decade of not having a successful game since Star Fox 64, Fox, Falco, Peppy, and Slippy are dirt poor. Now they're all gonna live under one roof and compete for the chance to star in an all-new video game. This is Star Fox 64 Lylat Shore. -All aircraft report. -For the last time, Fox, we're not in space anymore. -I... I know that. -Fox still acts like he's our commander and it's f--king annoying. We get it, dude. You used to have a spaceship. That s--t's dead, bro. -Yeah, party time! Hugh... [chugging] Oh, whoa! [exclaims] Oh, man. -After the Star Fox games went downhill, Slippy wasn't the same. -Get off me! [yelling] You aren't gonna take me alive! [grunts] F--k those haters. I just like having a good time. [moans, burps] -Sometimes I think I'm the only one who isn't messed up from the Star Fox years. -Fox acts like he's all cool and stuff, but I know he's still pissed at Wolf for stealing his girlfriend. -Oh, I love you, Snooki. [laughs] -Can't let you date Snooki, Star Fox. [chuckles evilly] -Snooki!!! Falco, you suck at Poker. -Shut up! Something's wrong with the G-diffuser. What the heck? -Looks like I'll be parking my ship in your docking bay tonight. [both laugh] -Geez Louise! -What can I say? She's easy. Hell, she's been with everyone. -Peppy's ship is in the docking bay. -(Slippy) Things are starting to heat up. -Slippy's ship is in the docking bay. Maintenance complete on Falco's ship. -I love you. -Ugh! -[exclaims] -What the hell is that hooker doing here? -You have to go, now! -I ain't goin' anywhere. -F--k you, Peppy! [yells] -Ow! Hey Einstein, I'm on your side. -What? You want a piece of this s--t? Come on! -[roaring yell] -Hey, come on guys, cut it out. -Ah! [fighting continues] [Slippy yells] -The f--k was that? -Slippy, is everything okay? -Thanks, Fox. I thought they had me. -Slippy's definitely getting voted off tonight. -I'm sorry to say, but due to abysmal ratings, the show is being cut down to only one episode. So we're gonna pick a winner right now. And... the winner... is... [suspenseful music building up] -Will you just say the goddamn winner? -The winner's Fox. -Yes! -I guess I should be thankful. I don't have to be on this stupid show anymore. -I win, ha ha ha! -Dagnabbit! -[groans] -Congratulations, Fox. You've won the grand prize and will star in a new game that will [indistinct] your most amazing performance in Star Fox 64. -Well, what's my new game called? -Star Fox 64 3D. -But that's the same f--king game! -Well, your other games kinda suck, so we had no choice. -[groans in disappointment] -Can't let you win this show, Star Fox. Now prepare to die! -Oh... oh no. -Quick, Fox! Do a barrel roll! -What? -Do a barrel roll! -Why would I-- -Do a f--king barrel roll! -Okay! Heeeeyaaaaah! [groans] -[grunting, punches landing] -To see bloopers and behind-the-scenes footage, click the link in the description below! -Why, Mom?! -Do a barrel roll! And subscribe! Captioned by SpongeSebastian

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Duration: 4 minutes and 38 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: smosh
Director: smosh
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Posted by: spongesebastian on Sep 4, 2011

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