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Ioniq Hybrid - Earth Day 2018

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Hi, everyone. My name is Taylor McGlone. I'm a Certified Technology Expert here at Burns Hyundai Genesis.

Now in honor of Earth Day, I did want to talk about one of the new Hyundai models which came out to us last year, the Hyundai Ioniq. Now, each Ioniq uses a technology called BlueDrive, which radically reduces emissions without compromising drive and size.

Each Ioniq comes with Hyundai's America's Best Warranty, which includes five year, unlimited mile roadside assistance, 10 year/100,000 mile powertrain, and a warranty that no other dealer offers, which is a Lifetime Hybrid Battery Warranty. The Ioniq Hybrid comes with a 1.6 GDi Atkinson-cycle engine with a 32 kilowatt high-power density motor. And it also comes with a 240 volt lithium polymer battery.

Now one of the things that the Ioniq offers is a 12 volt Battery Reset, which if you're looking right over here, the button's right here. So just in case if one time you leave your lights on during the night, your battery needs a jump start, all you have to do is press that, and that's going to automatically jump your car. So you don't need the jumper cables.

If you look inside, it looks a little bit like our other Hyundai models, with a 7-inch touchscreen, the rearview camera, which is standard. You also have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. And it also comes with features such as Blindspot Detection, which is optional, Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, Lane Departure Warning, and navigation.

Now another feature that it has is Eco climate control, which will save you some energy. You can actually have a drivers-only side, so you're not using so much energy in the car, mostly to save the battery life.

Now when you have a chance to sit in an Ioniq, I want you to actually touch the interior. It's pretty soft. The reason for that— it's the result of a radical new technique that we polyneered from bio-plastic materials right from sugar cane fibers. There's recyclable plastics that, combined with powdered wood and volcanic stone, that help make components within the Ioniq's interior strong yet light, so pretty eco-friendly.

Now as I was mentioning with the Ioniq interior, the 7-inch touchscreen that comes standard— when you press All Menus and you select Hybrid at the top left, you can actually check the fuel economy that you were getting. So when you press it here, it tells you the average driving that you do and however long the car has been running. You can always press Reset. You can check your Eco driving level and then also a really cool thing which shows you the energy flow.

Now what I'm going to do is tap the gas, just so you can see the battery charge. When you hold your foot on the gas, it shows you the engine, to the electric motor, to the battery. And it will show you the charge you were getting on the car.

The Ioniq is the perfect vehicle for people who want to stay stylish and eco-friendly at the same time. Thank you guys so much for watching this video. I hope you found it informative. Feel free to come see us at any time and test drive the brand new Ioniq— hopefully take one home with you. Just remember, Burns Treats You Best.

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