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How to transcribe a video on dotSUB

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Welcome to dotSub In this tutorial we are going to show you how to transcribe a video First thing that you need to do is login as a dotSub user If you don't have an account, you can see the register button here and you can set up an account very easily So you go to the video that you want to transcribe Click on it, this takes you to the video page We are going to look to the right Where it says translate/transcribe in a blue tab An you are going to click on the transcribe video tab This takes you to our transcription user interface First thing you need to do is click on this box that says "Add a transcription line" That's where you are going to be typing We are going to use the keyboard shortcuts to start and stop the video, to enter the in and out for the transcriptions, and to move the video forward and backward, rewind and fastforward as you are working So, the first thing you do is use the keyboard commands You hit Ctrl + Shift + P to start and to stop the video We hit Ctrl + Shift + P, the video starts, let's turn the sound on And you listen for a few seconds Hit Ctrl + Shift + P And then you type what you've heard Then you Hit Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Down Which is going to change the outpoint for this transcription Then you hit enter it puts your transcription up into our queue If you see that you made a mistake, you can hit this edit pencil and make whatever change you need to do. You can even change the timecode manually if needed And then hit the green check to save your work. And then we go back down here, click on the add a transcription line Hit Ctrl+Shift+P to start the video Listen for a few seconds Ctrl+Shift+P to stop the video Type one more Hit Ctrl+Shift+ArrowDown to change the timecode, and hit enter. And Ctrl+Shift+P, Play the video Ctrl+Shift+P to stop Type, fix, Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Down, Enter. Now, if you notice that there's no talking for a few seconds when you hit Ctrl+Shift+P to start the video You can just play until the talking starts again Let's say it starts right here Hit Ctrl+Shift+P to stop the video And then we make sure that we're clicked on the Add a transcription line And we're going to hit Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Up And that changes the In Point for the transcription So you can start exactly where you need to start. And then Ctrl+Shift+P Listen for a second, Ctrl+Shift+P to stop Type one more And hit Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Down to change the timecode, and hit Enter. It takes a minute to get used to it But once you do, you'll see that it works pretty well. We have a couple of other features in the keyboard commands You can hit Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Left and the video will rewind one second at a time Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Right, the video will fast forward one second at a time Your work is saved every time you hit enter So if you want to go away from this video and come back to it later to finish the transcription you can go back to the video page and you'll see that it's already up here on the video player, and it will tell you what percentage of the work is done already If you click on Translate Video again It takes you right back and you start where you left off and notice that every time you hit Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Down your transcription will be here in the player so you can see your work as well. Now, when you are done with your transcription you will need to mark it as a complete transcription this is our template to create the subtitles. If you don't mark it as complete, nobody will be able to do any subtitling. So you click on Mark this Transcription Complete and be sure that your transcription is actually complete and you've checked it because once you hit the okay button you're not going to be able to get back in. This is a closed transcription and it's the template for all of the subtitling. Okay, that's it, and if you have any questions you can always go to our help it's up here in the upper right, or you can send us an email [email protected] Thanks.

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Duration: 4 minutes and 24 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Views: 27,422
Posted by: zad on May 20, 2009

This video will show you how to transcribe and create time coded captions using dotSUB. We recommend that you watch the entire video so that you don't miss any important information. We also recommend viewing this video in "full screen" mode.

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