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FIRST TRAVEL VLOG! Japan trip for 15 Days Itinerary - Part 1 - Kansai Area (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara)

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"where are we going?" "welcome to our channel (laughing), this time we're going to Japan!" So, hello guys! Welcome to our first travel vlog to Japan! We're going to share our 15 days itinerary from our last trip to Japan. As soon as we landed on Narita International airport at 9 AM, We were going straight to Shinjuku Bus Terminal (Tokyo) to have a night bus and depart to Osaka. So as soon as we arrived in Osaka, we had our rest since we didn't get enough sleep for 2 days Then we went to Shinsaibashi, Dotonburi, and Namba later in the evening. Shinsaibashi is one of the tourist main attraction in Osaka. It's the biggest shopping center in Osaka We can get many branded products for a low price And for Dotonburi, we can see the famous "Glico Man" So take a picture in front of "Glico Man" is a must thing to do Meanwhile, you can buy the famous "bouncy" Rikuro's Cheese Cake in Namba! "Yeay! We bought two cheese cake, because one is never enough hehe" "I can't see it >0<" On 2nd day, we went to Nara! Apparently, the nearest station on our Osaka's airbnb apartment is accessible to Kintetsu Line which is connected straight to Nara So depart from Nagase Station then we stopped at Kintetsu Nara Station One of the main attraction in Nara is Nara Park It's about 5 mins walking from the nearest station (Which is Kintetsu Nara Station) The alternative way how to get to Nara park is by two ways...first is... by using bus...and then the 2nd one is.. by walking 5 mins from Kintetsu Nara Station So we're going to walk instead One of attraction in Nara Park is, we can play with and feed the deers freely The interesting part is, before we feed the deers here, they bowed to you just like how Japanese greet each other And we can pet them freely along the way They're already tammed, so don't worry ;) Now we're at Nara, and we're going to Wakakusayama (Talking at the same time) Hills...Mountain.. It's about 1 KM by walking And behind us..look at that Another Nara's attraction is Mt. Wakakusa It's 1Km by walking from Kintetsu Nara Station We also can see many deers here And if we wants to see the scenery and going up to the hills, the admission fee is approximately 200 Yen "Sis!" Where are we going? "Gion" On the next day, we went to visit Gion We stopped at Keihan Line Gion Shijo station One of main attraction in Gion is Gion Shirakawa River And also, along the way there's many shops and food restaurants that has old Japan vibe building, like the Edo's era. The wellknown attraction in Gion is the Geisha and Kabuki Performance But we haven't seen the Kabuki performance because it cost a lot of money and we prefer to see the scenery instead lol But if you have budget to do so, please don't hesitate to have a visit to the performance :) These are some pictures that we took while in Gion, how good is that? And now we're heading to Arashiyama! Arashiyama also located in Kyoto Take a picture in Togetsukyo bridge is a must to do Also, we can rent a Kimono For me, it cost approximately 4000yen for a day How cute is that? Along with Togetsukyo Bridge, the popular place to visit in Arashiyama is the bamboo groove It's about 1 KM by walking from Togetsukyo bridge And if you walking further to the uphill, you'll arrive at Sagatoriimoto It's a preserved street that has Japanese old designed houses So if you take a picture with Kimono there, it will be turns out well :) But i haven't seen many tourist who walk until the Sagatoriimoto, idk.. maybe they're too tired lol THANKS FOR WATCHING! If you like this video, please give us a thumbs up! and don't forget to subscribe my channel :)

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Posted by: praditdita on Jun 1, 2018

Hi! Welcome to my first travel vlog!
Sebelumnya, mohon maaf kalau masih ada yang kurang, maklum baru pertama kali ngedit foto.
Oh iya, maaf juga nih di awal video, mukanya masih kusut, kita flight malem soalnya, jadi mohon maaf mukanya tanpa make up dan kusut banget hehe.

Kali ini, kita mau share itinerary budget trip kita ke Jepang selama 15 hari kemarin.
Di video ini kita bahas Kansai area, yaitu Osaka, Kyoto, dan Nara.
Flight kita JKT-NRT, sewaktu landing di Narita, kita langsung straight to Bus terminal di Shinjuku buat naik Bus malam ke Osaka. Eittsss.. jangan salah, bus malamnya bagus abis beda sama bus malam antar provinsi di Indonesia hehe. Go check my highlight insta story di instagram ku : @praditdita

Day 1: Osaka (Shinsaibashi, Namba, Dotonburi)
Day 2: Nara (Nara Park, Mt. Wakakusa)
Day 3: Gion, Kyoto (Gion Shirakawa River)
Day 4: Arashiyama, Kyoto (Togetsukyo Bridge, Bamboo Grove, Sagatoriimoto)

If you like this video, please give us a thumbs up and if you want to know our journey, subscribe to my channel!

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