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India, What Binds Us Together? DD Interview part 8/10

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coming to ecology, now Sadhguru you again have a deep bounding with the environment with ecology your organisation has done such wonderful work tell us more about this link you know when these days when I go about somewhere in these conferences I was in the economic forum and some body came up and said "you are that tree planter aren't you I said I am not a tree planter then he asked you planted million of trees yes we did but I am not a tree planter then he asked what do you do I said my work is to make human beings blossom planting trees is just a small part of the work but that's taken more notice has been taken of that than this because somewhere in our perception people don't think human being blossoming is so important planting trees, feeding them, giving them medicine is all considered important but helping a human being to naturally live healthfully, joyfully within himself that is not considered important which is a serious mistake we have done the very significance of this nation is that it was always known as the spiritual capital of the world right from the ancient times thousands of years ago, people tra vel to this country seeking spiritual guidance you must see the glorious terms in which Apollonius in first century describes India for its spiritual glory he spent a certain time with a certain Acharya in India and he went back and the empress of Rome had his biography written and you should see the way he speaks he went to Egypt and people asked with what this kind of authority, where do you get from he said anybody who visited India he will have this authority to speak and that was so long ago and more recently one person who's given the best compliment for India unfortunately, out tourism department should use this Mark Twain when he came to India he had heard so much about Indian Mysticism he came here and had a good guide he went around for three and a half months in India when he was leaving he said anything that can ever be done either by man or God has been done in this land so that is the kind of depth and profoundness that we have for the inner dimension for this human being in this country no culture has looked at the inner mechanism of the human being as we have looked at it here but that is becoming diluted and dissipated so one of the main goals of Isha foundation has been to bring it back at the right pedestal offer it as a science not as a faith, not as a belief not as a philosophy but as a scientific process for inner devlopment as there is science and technology for external well being there is a whole science and technology for inner wellbeing if you do not tend to the inner ecology you will be naturally callus to the outer ecology when you do not care about your own well being will you care about anybodies well being it will never happen so the spiritual process is extremely important that's been the ethos of this nation if you look at ourselves as a country we all speak different languages, we eat different kind of food we dress differently, we look different everything is different about us but there's been a spiritual thread which makes us Indian which is non religious you can see in the same house you can worship five different kinds of God and still be together so there is no one religious belief as such in India any one can do what he wants if you don't like any of the existing gods, you can create your own true this freedom has been given to us because with this kind of freedom this kind of absolute freedom to pursue whatever you like this is the only nation in which there is no word to describe a heretic because there has never been a heretic in India it has all been 100 percent absolutely free culture and that ethos is going away people are all getting wired up in different ways so it is very important that we present Indian spiritual process as a scientific process which has been the essence of our work and if you do not tend to the inner ecology the out side ecology will naturally dwindle so I don't see any difference once a human being turns Inward he naturally includes everything as a part of himself because inclusiveness and all inclusive experience is the basis of any spiritual process

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 16, 2010 Sadhguru was interviewed by Gouran Dhawan Lal on DD National TV just prior to receiving the Indira Gandhi Award. This is a 10 part interview, addressing various topics from Gurus and Spirituality to Population and War.

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