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The Legend of Killer Killer Episode 3

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Hoidan Zeday and Human people got what is hero legend. The legend of how people be strong over bad happening. I tell you very oldest hero legend Hoidan Zeday got. Is legend of Narghay Narghay. Name is mean Killer Killer. Greatest, oldest Hoidan Zeday hero. Teaches us story for tell at fire. The family of Awsa Drun go far look for food They is walk together in family to home in mountain hole when Narghay attack. They fly over quiet, but watchers see shadows on snow. They call out, warn family. [Alarm calls] Family make a bunch. [babies crying, adults shouting] Adult throw rock and stick. They try poke Narghay with stick got on end dead pointy animal shells. They try scare Narghay go away. but Narghay hungry, got hungry babies. Narghay come and come. All family is much scare. Little sibling of Awsa Drun try run for trees. Awsa Drun try hold ay, stay with family, but ay pull and run. Awsa Drun know is not smart, but ay not want little sibling be eat. Ay run to catch. The parent see they run. Ay scream and drop weapon.[Parent screams] Awsa Drun hear parent scream tell ay stop. [Parent screams] Ay do what parent say. Little sibling so scare ay don't stop. Parent run to catch. [Narghay screams] Awsa Drun see Narghay come. Ay scream, warn parent. [Awsa Drun screams] Parent look up, but no time for escape. Narghay come down. Other Narghay come grab little sibling. [narghay screams] Awsa Drun scream. [screams] Other people grab ay don't let ay go. Ay try to go to parent, but they hold ay. [narghay screams] Narghay kill parent. Awsa Drun see Narghay cut parent's inside parts out. Ay scream and cry, but family don't let ay go. When Narghay go, and all is quiet, but crying, [family mourning] Awsa Drun run where parent and little sibling die. Ay fall in they blood and fur. Ay howl and cry. Family try make ay come away. Ay don't want go. Ay lay in freezing blood and cry. [crying] Ay get pieces fur of good parent and sweet little sibling. Ever after ay wear they fur so ay ever forget they love. The Legend of Killer Killer Credits Sript, illustrations, animation, voices, sound effects and music by Cynthia Echterling Original Music, "Idda Gaah" Made with mymouth,anoak desk, a plastic water bottle,a wooden meat mallet, a gourd, and a wash board Special thanks to the following people: Thank you for watching. If you would like to know more about the Hoiden Zeday or any of the Network species Please visit our website at or email [email protected]

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Duration: 4 minutes and 11 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: Cynthia Echterling
Director: Cynthia Echterling
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Posted by: cdechterling on Feb 22, 2011

Attack. The family is attacked by predators.

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