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[upbeat music] Hi. I'm Jennie Grimes, VP here at NetApp, and welcome to the NetApp Executive Guide to Data Governance and Privacy for the Hybrid Cloud. This is going to be an ongoing video on demand and podcast series that dives into the key issues that executives need to be aware of when using cloud computing. I will get to sit down with NetApp executives, market research analysts, and subject matter experts to explore the world of cloud computing and delve into the following five topics: First, data privacy versus data security. There is a difference. Second, data classification. What should live in the cloud? Third, data privacy laws and their impact on the cloud. Fourth, data breeches. Who owns them? Fifth, data cyber security and the cloud. How do you mitigate those risks? Be sure to subscribe to the series in order to be notified about new podcasts and video releases. But to get it all kicked off, I'm sitting down with George Kurian, CEO of NetApp, and Sheila FitzPatrick, NetApp's chief privacy officer. So let's talk about the landscape of the business world in which we live, and why things like data governance and data privacy are top-of-mind for ourselves and our customers. This is absolutely top-of-mind to our customers around the world. You know, as I've talked to both the CEOs of our customers as well as their chief information officers, the responsibility to manage their critical customer and employee data is top-of-mind. At the same time, what our customers want is to be able to take advantage of advances in technologies like cloud computing, but be able to do so in a responsible and clearly legally-compliant fashion. They are looking for trusted advisers to help them navigate this journey so that they can marry the advances in IT but clearly hold true to their responsibility around critical data in an increasingly global, pervasively technological world. So you're hearing things. Are you hearing things as well in the market? I absolutely am, and it's fun for me over the last several months, because I've been in the world of privacy for more years than I want to count, and nobody really ever cared about it. [Jennie laughs] It was kind of that, I'd walk in the room, and people would walk the other way, but its' become such a critical issue because of all the data breaches we hear about, and as we move more into the cloud environment, and our customers move into the cloud environment as George said, they're looking for a trusted adviser who understands that when you're moving to new technology, it's more than just looking at data security. You need to look at the laws around data sovereignty, data privacy, cyber security, risk mitigation obligations in terms of reporting any breaches you might have, and just looking at your business, legal, and ethical obligations to your customers and your employees when you're collecting and processing their data. So I'm loving this. I'm loving getting out in front of the customers and talking to them, because we built a program we're proud of. So revenge of the chief privacy officer. But I think that's a good lead-in to my next question. So NetApp is a Fortune 500 company, and we have to be dealing with these issues ourselves. Are there things that we have learned or processes that we have implemented that could be useful for the listener? We take our responsibility around privacy of our customers and employees and partner data extremely highly and have built a comprehensive data protection program over the last several years that has been well-recognized by the leading data protection authorities around the world. It's our hope and aspiration that through this podcast series and set of discussions, that we can share some of our learnings and expertise with customers. Sheila's a key leader in our data privacy program, and in turn, get learnings from them as well. So it's an important topic. We are clearly cognizant of our responsiblity around this area, and we want to share some of our expertise with our customers. It's fun to share my passion, because I'm so passionate about data privacy, and as I said, for years I'd walk into a room, and I think people would walk out the other way. But NetApp is very different. I mean there's executive involvement with George obviously very concerned about data privacy. And we take it seriously as he said. Data privacy isn't an afterthought for NetApp. It is actually the forefront of everything we do. So before we build, buy, implement, collect any kind of personal data or use any process or policy that impacts personal data, we build privacy-compliance into the planning process. We don't just look at security. We look at all of our obligations so that we understand what data we're collecting, what we need to do with that data, are we legally allowed to have that data. And we make sure that privacy is always, always part of the planning process. So I get involved in more engagements than I ever thought I would. So in other words, be careful what happens when you unleash your chief privacy officer. Thanks to our guests and to you for joining us today. We are gonna ask both George and Sheila to come back and discuss what it is that customers need to be thinking about when developing their data privacy strategy. (upbeat music) We're also going to talk about some exciting ways that you can engage with Sheila as well as with the rest of the NetApp team. Be sure to subscribe to our video and podcast series at so that you don't miss any future installments. See you next time. [upbeat music]

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