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Welcome to Rollins Onboarding Video

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Welcome to the Rollins family of companies and congratulations on your new role. We know that the key to our success and achieving our goal of being the world’s best service company is hiring and retaining talent just like you. We are excited that we are beginning this journey together. Hello, I am Sasha Rionda and I am coming to you from the Rollins Heritage Center. A place rich in history from all our brands, some dating back to 1893. You have a bright future with us and we are committed to providing you with the support and resources you need to deliver exceptional service to our customers. We are confident that if you work hard and do the right thing for our customers and our company, you will have a successful career with us. I mentioned earlier that you joined the Rollins family. That family feel is important to us. Take a look: Orkin was bought in 1964. We were just a little bitty company and they were a great big company in comparison to the Rollins that bought Orkin. At the time “conglomerates” were the buzz word on Wall Street The more things you have you know, the better the business is and so forth We have always felt that business is business, whether it is the oil business or pest control business or whatever it is Analyst didn’t understand all three of the businesses They could understand the oil business, or they could understand the pest control or the media business, but they couldn’t understand all of those businesses The oil business was having a depression, it was doing so poorly that it was kind of dragging the whole company down Dad believed that the some of the parts are greater than the whole. That each of these businesses were trading on the stock exchange, that if you added them up, you would have a bigger number than you would have just Rollins Inc., and he was right. The collective value was up about 30% I don’t think we had any idea that we would have companies that operate all over the world and that was just a dream What we do is essential. We protect people’s property and we protect their health and they deem what we do to be important. And I think that is a wonderful attribute of any kind of business. We are not going to work ourselves out of a job. Rats and roaches have been here for a long time, they will continue to be here. Being a billion dollar company in Orkin or a two billion dollar company in Rollins; that doesn’t really excite me except for one reason. And that is the opportunity that it can create for our employees We are not doing anything like as well as we know how to do, We are just scratching the surface. Being big doesn’t matter. Being first doesn’t matter. Having the best brand doesn’t matter if you are not willing to do the things to keep you on top I think that if Gary and I were not here tomorrow, that this company is just going to go on and do bigger and better things. I feel very, very good about the future of our company Rollins and its family of companies are committed to being the best. And part of that commitment is maintaining strong relationships with the communities in which we work. We create opportunities for local college students by providing internships that develop into employment and at the same time provide them with skills that will serve them throughout their careers. We also connect and encourage involvement with organizations such as The United Way, Habitat for Humanity and other local charitable organizations where employees can give back. We establish the Rollins Employee Relief Fund to help families devastated by catastrophic events such as a sudden illness, hurricane or fire. Our relief fund is a ‘not for profit’ fund and employees can contribute directly from their paycheck and every dollar goes to a fellow employee in their time of need. We are very proud of the relief fund and the positive impact it has had on our employees that need it the most. We hope you can clearly see our values include serving each other, our customers and the communities we support. We are counting on you to help us to prosper and continue our winning tradition. Welcome again to the Rollins family and we wish you great success in your new role. Thank you for watching.

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