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Back in the day when I started making films, the way I would raise money I would write a letter to all of my friends and family asking for $100 and that cobbled together a budget, you're always going to have to figure out a way to convince people that this story or you as a film maker are the reason that that's going to be something really special on the screen my name is Kat Candler and I'm a writer director "Kat's short film HELLION was made into a feature in 2014" the short format allows you to take risks, allows you to experiment, allows you to think out of the box with characters, with situations, with stories, and really be unique and fresh I work in a place called Arts & Labour, we're an office and so it's a "hodge-podge" of film makers and sound designers so I'm always wanting fresh eyes and people I trust, you know going backwards and forwards to kind of, help me see the bigger picture it's finding these people and then just learning and growing from them I've been teaching at the University of Texas for a long time I feel like there's a real division of my work pre-teaching and post-teaching Post-teaching is way better and I think what it is, is that I became a student again and I started going back and studying story and studying the craft of film making first day of class was today and I was kind of going back through my outline of everything for the first time in a couple of days and I was like "oh yeah, I should think about that when I go back to this other project". so it's just being inundated with education and just immersing yourself and being a student again people are excited about your passion and they'll get behind you especially if you have a story that they connect with as well, it really is about telling a good story. Submissions open now through October 25th, 2015. For more information

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