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Ron Paul Power Structure (CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg)

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This is automatic transcription by youtube you must fix it first before translating contact [email protected] Power structure - we're joined by John Come Ron there's an old statement what i've read and heard about people saying in congress Banks never loose I think that's a general statement. I think that the big bankers never loose but i think a little banker right there was losing Because a lot of little bankers are getting closed down because the big banks are gobbling them up i don't think david rockefeller zulu going to be out selling apples are pushing pencils anytime soon a lot of bankers uh... that serbian wiped out that the state level are losing but the big thinking power structure seems to have control because they're on the inside they have control of money and they know what policy's going to be down the road genuine specified structure of this talking about are structural the power structure had basically is made up of a lot of very powerful business and uh... corporate leaders in the country and uh... italian particular they have formed their organizations they've been around for that la jolla that they don't even hired anymore you know the trilateral scrutiny commission as well as the council for relations no matter what which president which party is in power uh... they will appoint to the major officers members are these two committees and um... they're always pay they always have control the federal reserve system so the wall streeters the big bankers have inside information as far as what is happening what's going on and uh... i control over what is pretty significant because if you can control money you really controlling one-half of every single transaction so that is a tremendous amount of power but uh... i it doesn't look like we're going to have any independents are they saying the federal reserve is independent pesticides nonsense out uh... the protection that the congress gave us to try to keep us from this happening uh... never authorized the central bank in there are very strict in the writing of the constitution to limit the power of congress to go into the meeting of gold coins to allowing only gold and silver illegal tender in prohibiting the printing on paper money all those things we have failed to follow that's why we have a central bank with the paper money system and a lot of inflation high interest rates in a very very shaky economy so i would say that if we would have followed the advice of the founding fathers did not allow this power structure this group of ages papers in industrial is to get control not only of the banking system monetary system really our foreign policy and our government i wrote a little speech he gave a speech right before i left congress and i said i don't think the members of congress at worli metal howell little affect the alvin controlling things brothers at that and that means that the congress itself doesn't have much control the people doesn't have much this they don't have much to say about it either the control of overall policy is really in the hands of a very small number of people who control all the administration's all the appointments to kevin's uncertain how important is to the federal reserve for that shows have a single party political system in the united states is maybe split into a little bit definitely has a single party if you look at the obstacles put in our ways libertarians again on the good balance it's a it's an outrage because we have to spend that more than a third of our energies in our money just to apply to your maintenance state ballots and uh... in this uh... distracts as some say since almost impossible you know they say and i have not personally investigate every law around the world but they say that we are one of the compass countries in the world to get the new parties as to the american people be condition it's great to have two parties we don't want to be like italy where there's always choices we want to live in our choices it's easier that way and we don't be like seventeen and it was only one part yeah that's right so they have to do for the party never change what's the difference so we do have one party than policies the retreat you know even if they would have a different stuff maybe another republicans we would have uh... closer to a balanced budget but the deficits or worse with the republicans but foreign policy the policy of intervention subsidizing communism and uh... helping rich allies out always continues republican and democrat stuff it was the same policy republican democrat supported uh... was like a really endowment the c_i_a_ operations of the f_b_i_ all these operations are goes by the by the other two parties but i met for that reason we're going to get control funding as well the other two parties get over a hundred million dollars punitive you know not too long ago we had the two conventions on national television republican democratic convention meaner people didn't watch they should have to pay for it they paid nine billion dollars we're citizens were forced to pay to run this conventions nine million dollars apiece in their forty dollars exposure making it began very difficult for a new option a third option to be heard it's at a very hard to get our message out uh... but the controllers there whether it's in the political control or the banking control or in government policy control in the administration's i want to touch if i may just uh... your comment a moment ago about diabetes departing speech he left with your colleagues in congress that you were there for four terms in uh... i think they are aware of the general level of awareness of your colleagues in congress at the time do we really do not know found that all of this is going on with the power structures there unseen that really manipulating the strings both of them don't know most of our suspicious but there are the problems are more seriously would never never uh... admit publicly that they don't understand the policies uh... i've had a lot of members of the banking committee come up and ask me questions the federal reserve system work when our special going right out what is the earlier mail and they'll be ready quietly because they haven't had really studied it are sold most of them are not even very much aware that there's some serious that problem if you get to have somebody to have a committee that's been around for thirty years or so uh... i think that they know very much was happening other very much a to do what's happening in pulling together parliament to get ahead of the committee unless they better more or less than accepted that uh... you know by the power structure but yesterday uh... or just a quick look ah... a few years ago after reading the joint economic report a joint economic committee that congress and reading it looked like it came right out the trilateral commission they look all the old buzzword to try it out of commission reports had all the things that struck out of commission wanted that and so i don't know to say here when the memberships organizations of these congressmen and uh... senators and sure enough almost everyone definite heard member trilateral commission of goldberger hassle file and i can remember having a conversation with barber educated that you have the project was he was complaining about you know as people always complaining about mead belonging to the trilateral commission he was complain to me and hot mila bhi holi was barakhamba but uh... says he resigned from congress we're here not the head of the world bank and it out heil i'll let congress i studied the banking system i'm missing something about it david called me he had to live as a bike that's a and i've been waiting at the telephone waiting for them to a break but john you've studied a lot of that sort of uh... banking industry structure and uh... it's not only in a rock and a bitter international in her lifetime yes there are and uh... they ties with the foreign banking the interests of people settle this country had left of course came over here and settle down in almost immediately the uh... the powers that be in the european continent in the money circles were reaching out those tentacles to gain control of the a new country here and that struggle has continued we see attended crucial controller currency of a struggle between jefferson as a matter of fact i have a quote from jefferson that i think it's very premature discussion here if the american people ever allow the banks to control the issuance of their currency first by inflation and then by deflation the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers occupies so he warned stud farm orgo and here we are and his police is coming true distant at his side certainly won the fight back then they got the right position in the constitution the head of the debate over the money issue apartment he will have won the federalists outlaw stage act hamiltonian lost uh... but then subsequently it's been downhill and certainly in this century it never happens at one time you know is that all or nothing teaching way even though we've got our central bank in nineteen thirteen it wasn't a total destruction of the system still to come from nineteen thirty nineteen seventy one uh... to open up the floodgates but it was in seventy one that uh... the last linkage to gold occurred of course in the sixty there were still some linkage to silver presence everyone only have to do is look at the economic record of spending and deficit sent all the economic problems of interest rates and all the price increases i mean it's just been totally out of control and uh... then the didn't believe in nineteen eighty there was another law to increased tremendously cd up our anti-communism savings loans in getting an increase in at how our total resources from kurt since nineteen thirty was in nineteen eighty further enhancing and more power uh... into the federal jarvis was a time when they introduced this idea that we packwood used anything to reserve it used to living as an asset to collateralized referrals are not see the old days you have gold and silver as collateral to should know which isn't in etc combat you know it's collateral that would restrict the monetary ortiz it would be a certificate you know would be guaranteed security that was the end the date changes that you can use any asset even afford bond so he's trying to get all that you can use that they have used for too long they put in the federal reserve and that's the baki at the collateral prayer federal reserve it battlestar currency has you wonder how the currency works it doesn't deserve it work is something people don't wake up and realize that money's worth less and that's when you have a runaway inflation today we just have gradual steady inflation depreciation of money causing a lot of harmony is suffering one-day we're the country's we wake up in this would be a catastrophe focus on the on the federal reserve itself up for a moment in that i wonder how what percentage of the people no that the federal reserve is not really a part of the government privately held corporation and who wants that you know the federal reserve like do you have to a comment on that well i think very few people understand how it works out because there is a congress word i'd really like that very much aware of it but i think it's a little bit worse it just saying it's private you know they were just prior to it that it had to live within the laws of the way down cholesterol i think they would have to uh... the republic corporation and you know it open there is no public corporation you have a right to know what your corporations do if you are in stock and the efforts of here in secret where they get their power isn't the power of the market is the create this corporation you know they in addition to be very secretive have the wrong there is a sugar creation from god so that we create seventy create especially stories much worse than just being a private corporations is a very secretive friday government ordained corporation that has the power to counterfeit money it's very very unique in much worse than just being private it's the secrecy of it in the power that he gets through government legislation that makes it so we will how you get the ranking republican on the house banking committee for a while but i one of the subcommittee and i don't know interaction and to understand correctly that members of congress aren't can even go to the fed meeting schedule i dot e was very interested in should i was on three sub-committees to being according to the domestic monetary policy subcommittee but i could not go to a meeting i couldn't get an audit i could even check the books in other words you create the money and i i was are you i was elected to be responsible to the people and i would be inquisitive and looking into these things here at a_b_c_ we need to know what the people needed i will tell you they're in charge in word is on the outside looking in rather than the people being charge of the government sending me or somebody else's their congressman to control the bureaucrats was turned upside down they have control and they allow us to know what we want and what they think we should know help what does the federal reserve system actually do science so many people say you know i think that's under the federal survival of the federal reserve bank does and why isn't it interesting about invest several things one of the nine vented dozens of ways uh... efficiently that is exchange jackson another mixture here at the back of the country received music ph the federal government without the debt they tend to have a habit of doing this at nato headquarters is you know run by republicans the democrats and they'll spend money ran out the gap where they stand they have to taxes get ticket tax enough than they have to borrow anything can't buy now that we have one other option ticket tax to borrow inflate inflate most important thing to remember is inflating is not the prices in the prices go up after the money is inflated in the money loses its value salute fayette is designed to accommodate the politician in the very secretive manner the politicians spend the money has a special whose guns and we want this we want to ask the politician gets reelected so he's rewarded and the tax becomes an indirect taxes are going to record to the people what we but the federal reserve does if they can take a treasury bill except the treasury bill which now is just a mere puri tree they accept the treasury bell ten billion dollars aniket treasury ten billion dollars in michigan the federal reserve get the money right up there like a pet they create money they put any kind of this error expensive and then that means that the people who got that money immediately get to spend it it has value but is it circulates in the economy the value to purchase permanent is duniya prices going up the bad part about this is not everybody suffers equally if the money supply went up ten percent and everyone of us have the cost of living go up again at least ten percent it would be nearly the great harm but because of the system it's designed a little bit of benefit the politicians in the bakers and big corporations those who get the money they get the money they get the benefit needed somebody else in but here are two or three suffers the consequences but we read about their federal reserve essay bankers bank and uh... we see them that they raise the discount rate or they increased the money supply what all these things for me well the bankers bank means literally that the bankers are required to put their deposits at the federal reserve system of their account or the federal reserve system like sap the sap reports of a reserve the federal reserve has all these regulations and rules so how they control the whole top banking system yelled friday today in their efforts to fine tune although they've literally destroyed the money that you don't want to destroy the million man want to control things so when inflation hits perking along they're aware of the same economic arafat's unaware of and they know that if they're not a little bit cautious about this uh... they could have you know runaway inflation so they tend to back off that benefit from the backing off and he's a tightening credit raise interest rates and cause a recession and they do it in the name of saving the economy which they have to wear the currency gets out of control but i know it's coming then they benefit only to the may benefit say no to them to be a passion and i think you should return to the extent that bad so they whether the economy's going up or down if they're designing the policy making they can catch the slain so it's the inside information they had that they have but they didn't give the recessions which are literally the results of the inflation the system would crumble much faster but argument as hard money people use that in spite of their arrogance i think that they can keep this going forever it is par for the are the market is more powerful super decades they kept that gold price at thirty five dollars an ounce and we will regulate prize gohil but they kept putting the money that market finally broke down the price of gold well the marketplace will finally uh... we now in the people wake up and say it's all papers solace came out if that's where there's chaos and that's weird the painters realize they're getting out of control that suede reconnection of the bankers to the politicians as critical because them power is threatened so that's where they had when they come down with a political control of our lives that's why the emergency powers already written the president can declare an emergency and take over the industries it's equal rising confiscated all and that's why we should be concerned we should be concerned for uh... you know our prosperity your standard of living in all but our greatest concern of the that when these crises come in the market uh... disrupts this political system and its monetary system they were threatened by political power taking away more our personal liberties of the stuff you know regulations you type of program under the fear of the emergency powers and they came up even in the country hearings that that they were emergency powers resented that fact that great hero oliver north was a good dissipating in deciding some of these covalently if necessary suspend the constitutive manager i think they're kinda i don't know if you recall at a concentration camps like this was brought up in the female t_v_ iran-contra hearings remembered there'll be a lethal passage nec this is something we can discuss the elderly people are a lot of bilbao best uh... you know that's why who who protected uh... this information who protected oliver north the head democrat which is usually the power structures the same but john you bet it makes them history of the uh... federal reserve having to come about poets marquee story and uh... i think it may be in nineteen thirty not to be three years we went down in infamy in american history because not only do we get but just barely in nineteen thirteen out of the federal reserve we also got the income tax in the very same year those two things overturn to bring anything in our society how have you ever since that time but it with a very secretive thing it really goes back to uh... the bankers getting in a sealed railway car and sneaking off to jekyll island florida and it was a very secret meeting and technicolor firstname club and the company to buy their first names of the even people who work there as uh... waiters and servants and so forth later couldn't identify for sure committees and participated in that meeting violent for five people at most but can i believe we have eleven or twelve and that group of people who literally uh... laid the basis for what became the the federal reserve mexican trucks makes clear october more than people note that groups are you gonna probably know something in that area of the house there was a similar whereas woodrow wilson the people where they are over this occurred i believe in nineteen ten or so when a magical allows the stragglers a couple of years later a time i got my you know that was finally passed in nineteen thirty he was kinda sneak through congress and uh... you wilson actually signed into law the federal reserve act like two days before christmas and when many of the senators and congressmen of course with transportation in nineteen thirteen the models they have long since left the nation's capital many of them but the ones that they wanted to stay and vote to give stands out wilson signed the line uh... two days before christmas and traditionally hasn't that been a period whereby gentleman's agreement that important legislation is not enacted right around the christmas holiday it may be a gentlemen's agreement that that's generally the time that i was always most vigilant because i realize that it looks like a perhaps the most of the more onerous you know in the last day of the session is unbelievable stacks and stacks of piece of legislation committed nobody read anything so the worst things happen at the time but it is supposed to be that if the members are attending that they would be doing these kinds of things that uh... you're absolutely right there was a very low attendance and and uh... it was uh... it was an unusual year because generally congress tinley gambling a year and i don't know whether they were called back into session one that was unusual for congress in back in those days now it's very common to be all year so packed and they were using orientation two or three months of the year but here they were in session in the summer very unusual year and won the most important pieces of legislation certainly in our history kind of just washed through at the last minute without anyone really paying that much attention to it in biomedical so interesting there there were a lot of people who work for all the log congressman western part of the united states heats up more popular the cool about what's happening they recognize that there is a gravy train going through the bankers so uh... they've actually were opposed to it and uh... in reading your book secret federal reserve that i thought was fascinating but the bankers seven organization to complain about this federal reserve is uh... act which was their they were secretly trip that which i think they have stopped and they were secretly a uh... trying to get past but they complain that was going to come just so it would uh... the people who think that although we gotta pass this bill harness the bags yet they were you're literally getting a license to steal because at really permitted this fractional reserve banking system to occur where they concurred that their deposits will not money that they don't even have said it was a tremendous benefit to the bankers nothing of this that you will find and uh... history books or books on governmental of economic history united states nothing about how they deliver certainly not teaching in school running a public let's all the schools hopefully we will today that its get stuck somewhere let's come forward from nineteen thirteen to the depression era and the role that the fed played in that inflation deflation cycle joy to comment on that yes a lot of people uh... and you can still find in the history books that uh... the economists were reassure the nineteen twenties that there was no inflation prices were relatively stable and they always uh... i said that inflation was rising prices but you had a monetary history there was a lot of monetary inflation during the nineteen twenties and the money instead of going into production it we need to speculation of course it bid up the price of stocks and real estate inhibit finally came to that time when that there is concern or are they make the decision like that and we think we have not only save the dollar stopping inflation but we can make some money on a mistake we're going to have to turn this off so they cut back on the credit they cut the stock market crash then of course in the great depression followed coggins previous inflation always leads to a correction of indiana ave other recession or depression if you compare what happened in eighteen twenty very sort of what's happening here in the nineteen eighties and you just think about how many times you read the last six or eight years the big apple store was there's nothing to worry about there's no inflation where there's been a much greater expansion pack money now than it was in the twenties course there is a greater speculation stock market in a bigger stock market crash so i'd anticipated many austrian free-market economists anticipate that the precession that's coming will not be a recession and all the a depression card be bigger than the one we have the nineteen thirties because it will be the correction for all the now invested all the mistakes made because of this artificial credit pumpkin by the federal reserve system so we have to look for the correction the next president will be blamed for the depression but it is that they should get the blame it should be the federal reserve policy in the reagan administration in the congress today who've run up the debt to create the new money could set the stage for the next recession connects recession or slant depression if it becomes that do you have a an idea in mind for when that might begin that we see all these books out now the great depression in nineteen ninety and another idea but the most important about on-street economics is that you cannot project precisely because events occur with the emotional aspects human beings making decisions that swine power although many including myself can say this would be a stock market but i didn't know some of the october nineteenth occurred in october two temperament november fifteenth and maybe becomes wooden people just get frightened and scared in panic uh... so austin economics teaches that yes we know what the questions coming so we don't know the day it's going to start but still a lot of people say well what do you think because uh... you just have to that make a judgment for personal and financial reasons i think it's going to do this to be another major financial men before the end of this ship close to the election more likely before that afterwards and that by next year next spring it'd be very clear that this country's moving rapidly into recession we put that question to congressman gonzalez a former colleague of mine housing banking haircuts ecstatic and i said that well i've been reading a lot about uh... helping next president gabrielle next herbert hoover and he said if we're lucky the depression well wait that long yet i wouldn't have arguable opt out like that but time is running short here we are in town obvious to ready and uh... um... recession could start tomorrow next day they can be very clear i think matter fact the standard of living has been going down i think history is going to show that uh... the country have been down the dime subway for the past ten years it's just not going rapidly in is not confirmed by the government statistics but they are changing all the time but you g_n_p_ figures to reassure is everything is ok and forty percent of g_n_p_ is government spending and we really get the money that credit and uh... i also out you know like for cpr me they change in that it's going up too fast to change the way they calculate it if you go to the average guy in the streets asia cost of living going on here i can pay my bills outlining the bond st anymore and uh... so things are a lot worse than the government leaders to believe to get back to this matter of political power he can economic power and control of the economy were you when congress one right at most other now but i was in congress when his son was their albania bill cabinet that that was their but i didn't know right pavan right hand of course was that chairman of the banking committee german he had some good ideas about the federal reserve only had uh... the den my studies on american power structure is a real gold mine because his connecticut home which you made studies of how the uh... big banks in nine states control they yeah corporations in the united states and its incredible during walking directors and stock ownership with they uh... i guess so did you see him at the soho grand might not be the detail to keep looked at it but it's obviously very clear out of the one that i picked up from right happened was he has built a lot of the federal reserve and i've only made minor modifications to add that that often and he of course was a champion of the open missing government he wanted to know what the federal reserve is doing and he never finally i think it is older two years they had voted him out of that power position you know even before he was out of congress he lost disposition i put in henry roy's who was much more control uh... by the out banking people butter uh... he uh... he was a good person and he wanted more open as i don't know if he was a strong with the gold standard as i a m but he certainly was against it the type of banking system and how that how the banking system the federal reserve serve the interest of the bankers of large corporations bankers control the mass media control of the major industries in the united states probably settlements are a lot of people say that i guess i a has a date only that i don't have you know would prove sitting in my hand but i think it's very clear i can see it in government and i saw it in banking and certainly can't be surprising if they're involved with other large corporations lawyer the media would be very much involved to that it would be more of a surprise to find a not to be the case but i don't think i could taken into court right now and uh... i think that that proof that is necessary but i think those who have studied at taft feel that that is the case can you see uh... this scenario assuming you're elected president of the united states you're sitting in the oval office can you see yourself sign a bill or a directive abolishing the federal reserve well allot would have to happen you know if our if i went there and i was a libertarian president of the congress remain the same in the spending was continuing in the people still want it all those big government no i can't tell you i can sign a bill because it would have passed hot in the first four years of a libertarian administration i don't think we're going to change that unless we're picking up the pieces you that i want that have not like that avoid the chaos and that's uh... my goal but if there's if there's an economic calamity mingled to libertarians for solutions then it's conceivable but that was more like being a profit and then somebody running for president you know and and i just don't know how it happens will happen uh... but i do believe that we continue to do what we're doing continue to spend one of the deficit print the money uh... i think we are going to have the prices but that right now on terrifying to think that the people in washington are going to want to ask for the answers they're going to enforce these uh... emergency powers of g_m_ it will be incumbent control are not the american people canoe addicted you're committee uh... look into the matter of days uh... that which one country so to be so-called yes that's been going going to serve in nineteen eighty two was a key here because there was a big bailout of mexico two argentina brazil inorder patch it together and uh... they get everything illegal just like it was uh... illegally gotten even admitted by donald regan with secretary of that it was illegal and how they bailed out continental illinois and that they do whatever is necessary to keep the structure together the system together if big banks got what little banks but nothing exists in the race is not liked what was happening in the nineteen twenties nineteen-thirties and uh... they'll do whatever's necessary so that's what happened back in nineteen eighty two they work internationally to the federal reserve the treasurer of the world bank bank of international settlements which is the deposit or for all the central banks so you have the federal reserve banks depositing in the federal reserve system but the central banks of united states are all the other confusion bank of international settlements in switzerland to be the international bankers bank innate all got involved to keep destruction again and again restored order that was back when goldwyn quickly from three turnout up to five hundred dollars within a six-month period but then i saw that the market is setup looks like a horse together for a while longer they certainly have at the expense of the american taxpayer and at the expense of the dollar the questions that the dollar value has gone down forty fifty percent invaluable occurrences prices continue to rise eventually my target is the marketplace will overwhelm even those men of great power and there will be a pani that the bankers won't be able to maintain and then they will want to maintain their power but not by not by fine-tuning the economy but then by the intimidation of political force but noticed the very little talked about doing that this is from the alternate press where about head of the fed called broker got a little bill or a little sentence on a writer on a bill passed through congress that if necessary please foreign debt that these that third world countries to the u_s_ banks we'll be back arrives justice way of saying that the u_s_ taxpayers to pay for it yes this was part of that motor control act and that means that he had found the fed can hold any asset they can hold off for bond a little bit of a lot to taken by mexican bond that's four plus putting the federal reserve and the word monetize means is that it can be collateral for issuing credit issuing federal reserve notes and that will be considered an asset probably at face value they're not going to be i mean the bond is really worth anything obviously but they can monetize that that is we may we'll take it as an asset create new money in distributed so that isn't that correct bailout by pakistanis its power its an indirect because what we do is we by the mexican bond ended with the bond hot in the federal reserve actually did it works twice because that say the mexican bond is a billion dollars worth of mexican bonds and their so the festival won't buy maybe some are casual by your bond from being we give them the money they take that out of out of the system and they send it to but it would be taken to the asset it becomes an asset to the federal reserve is all we have something we can back up our current siguiente and so they think is worthless instrument that they paid for with the arab money in the neck put it in their assets of the nation create used and to create more money so they really monetize it twice so to speak how closely tied federal reserve system and a u_s_ banking system with the european banking system rothschild the international bankers are buddies you know in the air is there a closer together and they deal with policy outside most of the legislative institutions that the central bankers are more powerful than say the uh... congresses of the different countries they have much more power and therefore through the bank of international settlement in the i_m_f_ and world bank they have total control this and they have meetings or even the secretary of treasury pessimistic it strictly the bankers the federal reserve in the bundestag in all the other base of world they get together and they make these plans and that's why they come up with the bailout systems you know if there's a banking crisis someplace but uh... bay they will have do whatever they think is necessary by the creation of new credit right now they have made the agreement that they will create more the special drawing right which is nothing more than credit instruments in the early enough they create amount of d_n_a_ here i have a monetary value in all based in all currencies and they can give those to whom it or do you think and that i disagree dick recreate forty billion dollars worth of into special government out there they'll pop them as the role that i am a fifteen seems to me that there will be taxpayers' money goes the i_m_f_ they give it to the third world country which in turn turn to back over to the banks of the kleczka and a lot of it just goes directly from uh... you know the taxpayers directions and they do that because of third world saw a computer so that was you know a few years back i guess was eighty three there was an idea that they are neighbor in financial trouble it was nine billion dollars most of that money was this a pay interest you know just to the big banks that's why the panama canal treaty existed uh... there was a banking deal to it was uh... panama was having trouble making their payments to the banks and they need a better cash flow the canal treaty occurred they had more income now there are uh... lower gold that noriega sick whites who will be here and there are a little bit bored by it all that that you tried yesterday on noriega with really let him pick people from our business banking industry they had a banking hey you know they're the mental noriega since uh... quite so be it it's making the bankers will nervous they'd like to get rid of it so far i haven't been able to and i think one of the reasons he has a lot of hit a lot of information that he has threatened to wear racing you ever get too close to his word and let the world that was actually how you've been dealing with this in subsidizing are drug traffic so i think he's doing blackmail people who've studied date drug trade say that shifts were it not for the collusion and uh... facilitation watering the money by the big banks the drug trade would be a bihari that have a great deal of difficulty because that a little early in the body to some of these banks him a little banks and and they didn't wear you know still running through those a great pretense that there's going to be a lot of crack down on all these drug dealers and this money coming in or not they're going to find out who it is but i think that's basically designed to use as an excuse to publicists turned against drugs so that they have currency controls on whom on american citizens who finally live up to date hey i can preserve our wealth of this country i'm gonna put a couple careers over in this over into swiss banks so they try to take everybody waited near the time of runaway inflation people will take the money out of the country to preserve their well and that's why there have been doing writing all these laws not to test the drug dealers i think that's just doesn't you know that i do you often think the real reasons have currency controls on american citizens because once a large number of citizens decide to leave missing a common people of mexico tried to come here with me at making prices occurred you know the government clamp down you can take money out they steal fiat but we'd we have is that weaker controls and nineteen seventies currency controls trying to keep people britain had amman off and on in the hallway always resort to those kind of things uh... so we can anticipate it but i think that's one of the uh... purposes of the big drug issue resorted to write these laws so that they control innocent american people who would like to preserve their wealth but they could plant they could do away with adultery pretty fast they really clamp down on the big banks but there they had people in the power structure net that's right but they're not likely to do that kuttner but john you have uh... taking a look at foreign investment in the united states something statistics have internet starting with you we look at it on and one on sun mon run your from houston then there was a uh... story recently about houston prime real estate they're being about thirty six percent foreign-owned that occurred in the u_s_a_ today front page story uh... prime real estate in los angeles forty nine percent forty six percent something like that for now we're seeing now investments everyday banks being bought commercial properties farmland that i saw there was a study released last month on it but it's the foreign investment total in the united states now is in excess of one point three trillion dollars and growing i had a tremendous right uh... we call it the liquidation sale of america why is it happening uh... there are several reasons why it's happening but i think in a lot of those of us was from a bank that japanese japanese investors page rather interesting to note that we had to fight a war not too many years ago as you can we do with hockey won the war and now they are home not only uh... a lot of used to the los angeles they'll be watching tv teacher they've won uh... bondhu are bad policy with the could win the war the main reason is the dispute are sick currency we have a balance of trade problem but we compound that by literally exporting a lot of our money through foreign aid and military so we need to pay and get the benefit of fifty billion dollars a year by asking for all their nation depends so we sort of subsidized them and uh... because we're less competitive in our interest rates are high in our interest rates eight nine percent of the inner twenty three percent at labor costs are lower so we can compete anymore that's why we can't find japanese products a lot of people say well the only solution is is to write a large native americans can't buy japanese cargo for disasters allot investors covet we have left don't accept that as treating the symptom rather diseases eases up foreign policy where we subsidize these rich allies at the same time we have a currency this week we have economic conditions have made a strong competitive we don't want to take away the right of the individual to buy whatever party once we don't want to some type of walling off of our country and say nobody can come and go ahead people taken and i want a right to go out of the country and that's and that means we have to allow somebody else to come in here who has a large solution is free-market sound money low interest rates competitiveness free market prices in labor quit subsidizing shapiro a different foreign policy then i don't mean to interrupt where we've never had to worry about if ordered by end of this country until recent times japan until we got into the east economic problems but it's mysterious people who say we shouldn't uh... keep financing base defense of western europe and japan and yet those people who are buying american securities implementing our deficit so they are and your honor's yall so they are indirectly paying for their own defense you know there is that there's some truth to that and uh... i think is going to be able to do i think that sometimes they're buying the car get when it doesn't make a whole lot of sense but tend to think about it you know this internationalism uh... they did this in order to maintain their order for their benefit so even if it is into japan's central banks interests you to buy our securities uh... for strict economic m_i_t_ or by somebody else's security make more money and i get a bus with security might be a better deal but if it's best for order uh... in their eyes i think yes they will in indirectly that is the case so i hate long-term we can't paid his debt so if we go to pay him a trillion dollars that they've bought a trillion dollars worth of our treasury bills i think they're going to be left holding the bag that's when i think the panics account with finally gallons on them that their holding a lot a lot of the day after they quit buying art dept that'll be the precipitating event for the prices and that's when the deadly cocktail you know this is a cartel central banks i never working pretty well together there's a lot of power there but i think they'll finally break up the bill clark allendale yet uh... a little bit n c and that they will bark at me in the pinnacle start just under a potential problem one of the buying up so much u_s_ industry embankment land and that is with ownership comes control and power so are we used to letting them do this actually giving the japanese were more power over are declining so session that's what we should change our policy is where we should somebody i think it's very dangerous because uh... that we literally we'll lose control and uh... that's one of these are urgent that we looked at balancing a budget as quickly as possible restoring sound money and changing our foreign policy if we're concerned which i think everybody else i don't think anybody as i'm concerned i think some people come up with different solutions but i want to not deal with it in a row sensor probably bring some little rigid rules say well i can solve this if we just keeps pm's cars out here competitiveness on our part it's not that easy i mean we have to look at the big picture of the economy no monetary system the deficits uh... the whole thing put together in order to solve it needs it's not easy well thank you for sharing your time with a stake in europe your background inside and uh... we all got a look at some place to go home at the crash occurs or not where it's going to be a bit we gotta prepare ourselves that we all got start studying japanese hopefully no idea

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Ron Paul Power Structure (CFR, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg)

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