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Hi I am Colbert Jean I am the president of ADVH We formed this organization in 2013 to be able to help the Haitian people who live in the community of Ansapit to find employment and food in the community where they live The reason we formed this organization was especially to address the concerns of women who live in Ansapit When you have a household, but the household has no father who lives with them the mother must work to provide food for the children In addition they have a lot of basic needs They often cross the border into Pedernales to find a little work Or, they might buy second hand clothes in the Dominican Republic to resell in the bi-national market on the border When they do this kind of work they don't get a good deal Because, when they cross the border to go into Pedernales Sometimes, the border is closed perhaps they cannot cross or, the Dominican border patrol they...tell the women that to cross the border they must have sex with them or, make them pay a bribe and make them suffer all types of injustice at the border We, the youth of the community we realized that these issues were always being repeated and human beings cannot live a good life in this type of situation so we started searching for solutions for these problems We realized... could we find a resource in our community that local people could transform and use this resource to make something that could be sold to make a little money inside the community so that people would not have to cross the border, would not have to buy the second hand clothes or work as domestic servants in Pedernales where they are subjected to so many forms of social injustice We are partnering with an organization who wants to help us and support us in what we seek to do The organization is called Trees That Feed Foundation They are working with the breadfruit tree, transforming breadfruit into flour into spaghetti, and a lot of other things that people could use to make a small business and that people can eat Of course, we have a lot of breadfruit in the community of Ansapit but the breadfruit is not very valuable to people because it is too abundant, there are too many People do not want it, they prefer to walk to Pedernales to buy spaghetti, flour, and so many other things that could be made from breadfruit all the while, neglecting the breadfruit But now, we at ADVH are committed to begin working with the breadfruit, with the resources we have in the community to help them find more locally sourced food, without having to risk their lives The organization, Trees That Feed Foundation, they understand our needs and objectives and they have donated to us, two machines plus some other equipment and all the information we need to start this project working with the breadfruit, to help the people have more food security, create more employment in the community And right now we have all the equipment for processing breadfruit here with us in New York we need to transport this equipment to Ansapit, where we will start this project for the people of Ansapit especially for the women who live in this community to help the children so they can stop crossing the border into Pedernales to find what they need so that eventually they will be able to find everything they need in their community When they do that, they risk their lives. We are seeking to change their situation so they will no longer have to do this We have started this campaign because we need your help. If we work together, we can achieve everything that we need to accomplish We cannot do this alone. As Trees That Feed Foundation has shown us, they understand that partnership is essential, they understand that we are struggling for our human rights And you who are watching this video, we need your help as well, we need your help to start this project, we need your help to stop people from having to risk their lives everyday in a community that is not your own Let's show this community what is means to have stability, to have enough food, to be able to earn a little cash, so they can have a better life I am thankful to each one of you who has watched this video We are all human. Please help us so we can help each other better survive. Thank you very much.

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