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Hi! Fine and you? Yes. Well I really liked it. I don't know about both of you, but I think it was good, it wasn't the best movie ever made but I liked it Yes, I think it's like Anna said, that is really cliché I think that's the basic problem with the movie like maybe if the director had tried to take another point of view maybe it would have been different but it's like really a teenager movie as every movie is nowadays Yes, exactly. I think it's like we still have this mentality that we think that we need someone else to like complete us and I don't really believe that anyone has to complete us it's like as you said, I think that different people can complement us in different ways Exactly. Like if you pay attention almost every single movie nowadays is about teenager love or finding the love of your life and I don't know, in my opinion I think that maybe if they did some movies, well there are some other movies but always, like almost always, the main topic is love. and finding your soulmate. Yes It's the first one. Exactly, or for example, in every movie if you pay attention and everything, it's like this university life they idealize it, like "Yes it's great! You go on your own! You are finally free! But if you think about it it really isn't like that Yes, exactly. It's not it. It's as you said, like it's more of a Sunday movie to watch but it's not that kind of movie that you watch and it moves you I think it's this kind of movie that you just put on the background it's not that bad but I don't know I really enjoyed it. Bye! Merry Christmas!

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Posted by: naiara27 on Dec 20, 2020

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