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Jacque Fresco - Conscious, Problem Solving, Conditioning Behavior, Define Criminal

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...and i always was interested on the work of Leonardo da Vinci, and what i feel is missing in the work of Leonardo da Vinci, is the people he talked to, which they never covered. I'm sure that da Vinci didn't came up with all those ideas, you must to converse with other people that have similar interest. You know, talking to the cops clubbing, the falling may believe they came down to the ground, i believe that many people influenced Leonardo da Vinci. No one comes off alone and develops a whole set of ideas. That is what most people think. That somehow through the ethics these ideas flowing in your head. They don't. If you born blind and deaf, there is no development that origins to the brain. So, in other way, the information gets to the brain, and it's through your senses, smell, touch, taste, tactile, you know tactile. If you born blind, you feel the sensors, and you remember the tactical receptivity. This is how you retain it. So, when a blind man dreams, they used to move the fingers. And so, if you are aware of that, it will increases your range of application on understanding. That is why people who used to work conscious, i'm conscious. You can't be, because you are going to be conscious of a limited exposure that you have. Or just walking around, when i was a kid, i know that is that, there were trolley cars, with little platforms on the side. And if people were late for work, you see the sits ran out the way through the trolley car, there is no island, so you got on the platform, and got into seat, and those people that were late, would climb on the platform and hang on, and there always would be 15 or 20 people on each side of the trolley car, and so they were hit by automobiles. So they put up a sign "please when entering the trolley do not remain on the platform, get in or off." That were on for 10 years people were hit by cars. They find problem to an engineer company, how could we keep people off the platform? Well, they will retract it in, and there was the end of that problem. In other words, putting outside be careful, drive carefully, schools zone and children crossing, all is waste of time. Because what you really need in the school zone is a power output, that is 15 miles an hour. So that you can find anything. Elevators don't suddenly travel at 15 miles an hour upwards, they are programmed to travel at given speed. People don't understand the tremendous advantage of technology if you use it intelligently. If we use the same kind of intelligence that we use in military development, we could solve many social problems years ago. We don't. Because something are in separate disciplines of science. So... What are the qualities human beings that appreciated you most? In fact that they can learn many new things, if given a chance. If given opportunity and environment to do so. Other than that, human beings are extremely flexible. They can be conditioned to pull a string, and release tons of nerve gas, and then sleep well that night, because they were told they were the enemy. It's amazing how simple those associated is. People saying i think they have a conscious the guy turning the gas shapers on. They are no conscious, they were not bother at that at all. Not at all. The guy that din't sleep well is a humanist. Troubled by all this, see? You must done to understand human being conditioned to cut out people, torture them, do anything, anyway, without feeling any kind of pain at all, waiting for the next events. Nobody out there is to be blamed for their behaviour, is what i'm trying to say. There will be no prisons, no police, no government. As long you got government, you got the base of corruption. You are going to have high tech installations which are capable of decision making, and restoring the damage of earth we built, all those pollutions and poisons we put in the oceans, all that can be cleaned up by science and technology. We still can do that. But the blame people for what they are is a system that was used to try to keep people in line. So they move forced into that crap, banking institution is one of the most corrupt in the world. They can lend out much more money than they have in reserve. So, in other words, somebody said... And the money is based in debt, in this point. Yes, people said, well, what you are going to do with the criminals? I said, go into town and buy a box of oatmeal, and you find that the oatmeal is way down in the box, and that isn't that... what do you mean by criminal? When do you call a man a criminal? When a psychiatrist finds that he wants to help people and the man comes at the psychiatrist and says i'm dead, i can't pay my bills, i'm on minimum wage, my car broken down, i got two kids. The psychiatrist says it will going to cost 60 bucks an hour. How can you be a psychiatrist? How can you cater the human needs in the monetary system? When the doctor tells you i think your kidnee has to come out, how do you know that? How do you know trying to cabin cruiser? You know where i'm getting in? Yes. And so, i don't feel good in a nation when people say sign on the bottom and this mean they don't trust each other. That is what the contract is. If that is what you say, put it on paper. And they don't trust each other. Now, lawyers are called mouth pieces, they were designed to find ways around in the legal system, and through verbal technology, they can sometimes turn the jury around. The system is not good, you can't do that. See? If an engineer designed a bridge, and it collapses, they can't say we do for the former government in power before us, they can't say it just let go, they have to account for that. But in politics, you can blame former administration, in the way you think you want to do. It is just not a not a value system. It isn't just that i'm against politics. It just doesn't work. Is very offensive, and is something we could have surpassed years ago. the old... So what is the replacement for politics? Computers, artificial intelligence connected to industry, resources, and everything else, so that when you look at your globe in home, you will know the condition of the earth, its resources, its population, its reservations in water, drinkable water, non available resources, deep barely resources under the earth, you will have all that information. In some tribes, where men were deprived of the opposite sex. For whatever reasons, sex drives it quite different that the individual doesn't know how to relate with women and can not have sex experience for whatever reasons, That distortion in behaviour is manifest by either damaged physical equipment or the inability to perform sexually, may in turn, produce aberrant behaviour. So, the aberrant behaviour should not be put in prison, they should not be punished, if people do that naturally. If they no other way of behaving, it means that they are products of a sub nature. Whatever they have being subject to, they make them child molesters, serial killers, whatever they are, we have got to remove those conditions that generate that kind of behavior. And if you don't know what those conditions are, you have right put person in jail, tormenting them, do you understand?

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In these outtakes from "Future by Design", Jacque talks about being conscious, problem solving, conditioning behavior, and the definition of a criminal.

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