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♪ music playing ♪ >>Glennis: One of the things that can really affect a tip is how you deal with a mistake. You may think, if I've made a mistake, I'm definitely not getting a tip, but it may be possible to earn a tip by handling the situation professionally. You need to admit to your mistake and explain how you're going to fix it. When you work with the rider to fix the problem, you can still end the trip positively. The rider may even leave the car thinking, "That driver really tried to make it right." Even if it was your mistake to begin with. An important part of solving problems may be offering alternatives. If the rider asks you for something you can't do, you could just say no, but telling someone they can't have what they want leads to an unhappy rider, and likely no tip. If you come up with a solution instead, it's another opportunity for your rider to leave the car thinking about how you made it right. Riders tip based on how they feel, and if they leave the car feeling well-taken-care-of, they're more likely to leave a tip. For example, what if the rider wants to get some fast food on the way home? As drivers, we want to get our rider to the destination and move on to the next rider. We also want to keep our car clean and odor-free. Stopping for food interrupts our trip goals and might make the car smell like burgers. And what if they spill? That's a big problem. But think about it from the rider's perspective. If they're hungry, they're grumpy. and that means no tip for you. If you go above and beyond to satisfy their hunger pangs, they're happy, and give you a tip. We as drivers can be proactive and offer the rider some napkins or make sure they know where the cupholder is. That way, we don't have to worry about spills. On our way to the next rider, we can roll the window to clear the air out. But what about smoking or too many people in your car? We talk more about these problems on the other course, so be sure to check it out. Choose to solve the problem, and you know the rest. ♪ music playing ♪

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