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History of the Universe 2: A Change in Existence

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: History of Heaven's Process 2 - A Change in Existence? (Veno) Hi this is Veno, again. ok. So I was explaining, where this king, of the sound 'manifested' planet. Interdimensional sound manifested planet, universe, galaxy, people etc was standing. Asking the question, of what would happen? If I were to now 'stand', as everything, in this existence? Before he.. 'Applied' this consi..this consideration - the statement he had made. He had to prove something. of a believe that was held by everyone, in such an existence, as himself. that if he were 'to leave', then apparently the.. universe, galaxy, people planet would disappear. he said: 'but does that work?' He went further, and asking questions: 'How is it possible, that if i were to leave that everything would disappear?' In other words, if that is so, then I must 'be', that very, 'existence'. In other words, this existence must be me! but, if it is me, then everything must be me, because, How am I different to any other king? How, the people of my planet different to any other people of their planet, maybe the 'expression' yes. you know you've got sound, crystal.. geometrical alignments.. 'vibrations'.. frequencies, etc. 'Magnetic planets', etc. Everything, looked 'exactly the same', except the expression. So, he 'left' the planet. People, went into 'absolute Fear'! extensive fear. The reason why is because, the king, (you)see 'death' existed - you would 'disintegrate'. but then when the king would disintegrate, 'before that' there would already be another king, 'born', into their planet to immediately take place. but 'this time', this king was leaving, without there being another king 'even born yet'. Prepare to take his throne. Because he left 'unexpectedly'. No one expected, he just left. and.. the universe, the galaxy and the people, planet 'did Not disappear'! but no one noticed, it's interesting. Everyone went after 'this king', because they had this thought: 'he has gone crazy.' of course not in such language, but they though that there was something, 'Wrong'! He had, gone, (head) there is something wrong Here! twisted. and they had beings from the frequency planet, after him, see maybe there was a few.. 'alignments' that were required to be done, in his 'expression', that maybe cross.. Vibrated causing, a 'friction', within him that caused him to go - 'Mental'. So, the search, was on. and all ~ the planets, and all the kings, went on a search, for this particular king, of sound planet expression. He was never found. Ever! He just (spread), 'vanished'. So. People started realize one thing. They 'perceived', that if the it's not it's the actually the other way around. That if the 'king', were to leave his existence, 'in such a way'. of, 'not coming back'. the 'king himself' would disappear not the planet, or the existence, or the universe, or the galaxy or the people 'No'! 'king would', which instilled 'fear' inside the kings of all the other planets of course. and it 'so' started manifesting, the kings, never left their 'universe', galaxy, planet and people. The people themselves were allowed to travel. But from that day, 'a new law'.. was, 'placed in' into the universes, and galaxies, this law - was that the king shall 'remain', within his universe, his galaxy, his 'throne'. Only the people may, 'move'.. around, go visit other existences. So. The people of the, sound manifested 'planet', Had no king, for awhile, till they waited for the next king to be born. or 'birthed', of their planet. They had this whole, 'pool'. each planet has this pool. from which, the 'new expression would rise'. Which would be the birth. Not understanding that, it's the same king, that just went around in circle 'the whole time'. Anyway. so then, there was a new king. and everything was, 'fine'. In this particular existence. So. Now. Back to present time, present time meaning: two years ago. two and half years ago, on about there. Anu noticed something. ok? There existed a prophecy. In the interdimensional existence. I'd refer to it as a 'prophecy' but, such a, abused word, these days - extensive. Existed this prophecy. Now Anu.. It is fascinating. Anu's starting point, for manifesting this, 'existence'. this, 'human form'. 'humanity'. was for 'one reason' - fear. The Annunaki, 'rose' to power, position, in existence. ok? Now from 350 billions years ago, you will notice that, beings, required a leader, some form of, a manifested 'god'. Which is in a form of king as well, if you really look at it. and.. Now Anu's existence and experience that I have, explained, with regards to the Martians and the, Serpents and the, Sumerians, the Draconians and the, etc etc etc..this was now 'another existence', remember, it was 'plane'(or big). Within 'this existence', the Anunnaki.. Oh, and the well. The Anunnaki was the, 'Power' of, the entirety of the existence. See you had the previous one that i had just explained. 350 years..350 'billion years' ago. that existed in 'sections', ok? Each section, in this existence, had the planet and the galaxie and the universe, Whereas in 'this existence', Anu, and the Anunnaki, and his forefathers, were, the gods, the 'king', of this existence in it's entirety. but it was like an, 'unspoken acceptance agreement', by all in this particular existence. Ok this is Anu. (laugh) No this is Veno. God dam it. (laugh) Thank you very much. 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