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Вечерний Ургант. В гостях у Ивана - Дмитрий Ливанов. (14.04.2016)

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VDNH will host the third annual Moscow International Educational Fair which will last until April 16th. Please welcome the minister of education and science of Russian Federation Dmitry Livanov ! - Dmitry Viktorovich, welcome to our show ! It's a pleasure to have you here ! Thank you for coming. - Good evening. - The question burning in minds of everybody... How do you pronounce the word "tvorog" ? You are the final authority... and the first one. - In such cases I usually look up the dictionary... and check. I would say the stress is in on the first syllable. - Ok. That is right. We have checked. Now take your seat, excellent. Well, you are already in a sitting position. What kind of pupil were you ? I am sure all the pupils want to know what the minister of education and science was like at school. - I did quite well at school. My school was really interesing. And the teachers were great. It was very interesting for me to study which I think is the most important thing. - What were your favourite subjects ? - I liked Physics and Mathematics... and also Literature and Russian Language. Our class teacher taught Literature, and we had very interesting activities after classes. Literary and theatrical circles, and other additional courses. It all made my life more interesting. - It makes your story more interesting. But we want to hear the stories about you truanting from classes... - It happened. - How you set fire to mats in the gym... - No, I did not do that. The main problem was my behaviour at school. With academic performance everything was fine. I finished school with excellent marks in almost all subjects. I had only one good mark. - Now you can fix it. - Why? It is fine. - Which subject was it? - I do not remember. - Who cares. - Right. That was a long time ago. - Of course we would like to ask you about the biggest educational reform. Unified State Examination... We know you like to talk about it. - Really? - Basic State Examination... As far as I know your daughter is a student... - She is a sophomore. - And your sons study at school. Have they ever come up to you and said "Come on, dad, cancel it all". - No. My daughter did not asked about it as well. - Did she pass all the exams ? - Of course she did. And she was really happy with the results. She did it quite well. - What about other ministers? All of them have children who finish school and so on. Do they ask advice? Do they ask which examination is easier to take ? Do you use your official position to help your colleagues ? - I can not help them to take an exam. You can pass it only if you study for it thoroughly. That is why we always advise to revise for exams and study school programme. Those who do well at school will definitely pass the Unified State Examination. - Educational Fair at VDNH is partly devoted to it, isn't it? What is it all about ? As far as I know it can help you to decide which profession to choose. Is it right ? - This event is unique. It unites the professionals in the field of education. People from different countries who are engaged in various educational policies participate in this event. There are representatives of more than 50 countries. There is also the exhibition of educational processes and equipment. You can actually see the future education there. You can see what will happen in 5, 10 or 15 years. - In other words, all the debates about electronic textbooks, styluses instead of pens... you can prove or disprove it if you come to Educational Fair. - Yes, you can. You can also express an opinion whether it's good or not. Electronical textbooks do already exist. I can tell you an interesting story... In the forties there was a huge discussion among leading figures from academia. There was the debate on whether people should use ball-point pens instead of fountain pens. There was a colossal discussion, clash of opinions. Those with a more conservative orientation said that this change would destroy our education system, that this change would definitely put an end to it. Fortunately, it didn't happen. - The same was with goose-quills. - I believe so. That's why new processes and equipment do not change the main thing. Education prepares a person for adult life, it gives everything a person needs to be successful in life. - Can you give some examples for those who cannot visit the Educational Fair ? What do you like most about all those novelties ? Are there any devices... All those gadgets for studying... New devices are offered for covert cheating in exams. There are thousands of such things. Are there any special devices at the Fair that can help to find in the room, where an examination takes place, some electronical devices used for cheating ? - Cribs completely lost their point in the 21st century. We are surrounded by a large amount of information. And if somebody wants to cheat, which, unfortunately, still happens, than a person needs access to the Internet, not cribs. - And with the Internet, you can find anything. That's why we do not control whether somebody has cribs or not. Speaking of State Examination, all the task are created in such a way, that cribs won't help you. You shoud think, search your memory and complete tasks. That is why pupils are forbidden to take any devices into examinations. Smartphones and so on. All those devices that can help you to find some information. We assume that a person cheating actually takes other person's place... - I usually said so when being caught cheating. - I said "you must know how to cheat" ! Speaking of cheating... I think you have never done it, have you ? - I haven't cheated at school. At university we had some disciplines, which, fortunately, no longer exist. You might have had such disciplines, I don't know. - History of CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) ? - Right. These subjects were not so interesting... - Let's say they were not interesting at all. - But they were connected with a necessity of remembering a huge amount of figures, facts and names... All in all, it all seems pointless from viewpoint of a normal life of a person. - From any point of view. - Allright. That's why I have never written those lectures, but there were hard-working girls who did it. - Hard-working girls... who wrote all the lectures. - They actually spent days and nights doing it. And when they didn't need the lectures anymore, they gave it to us. - The thing is... My dream is to make all people in our country happy, especially those people who study, indeed you can study throughout life, and sometimes it's better to study for whole life. - That's how it is. - Yes ! So I'd like to give an oportunity for other people to see how we will write a dictation. - We can even write a Unified State Examination ! - Unified State Examination ? - Sure. Let's do that ! - Well, no. - Choose the subject ! - We don't have so much time. A troubled look came into my eyes. No, thanks. I finished school a long time ago ! - You'd better pass "ready for labour and defense" requirements. - What ? No way. As fas as I know Total Dictation will be held this week as well. - On Saturday. By the way, I will dictate there. - Everybody can dictate. What if we try to write... Please welcome ! "Evening Dictation with the minister of Education and Science of Russian Federation" ! Evening Dictation Evening Dictation April 14th - Dmitry Viktorovich, let me introduce you... You wil dictate on April 16th. And today the author of the text will dictate it to us. Basta ! Good evening, Vasily. - Good evening. - Is he a literary classic ? - He is a modern Russian poetry classic. - Russian poetry. - I'm so glad you told me. - I will enlighten you. You are the minister of education, and I am the minister of enlightenment. - Only for today. - Of course. Vasily, can I ask you... Usually you read the whole text and then... - To be honest, I don't remember. Let's do it as planned. - Larisa Petrovna, my dear Russian Language teacher, today is my day. Here is the text.

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Вечерний Ургант. В гостях у Ивана - Дмитрий Ливанов. (14.04.2016)

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