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Jamila Jad - Beirut, Lebanon (Short v0.9)

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My name is Jamila Jad. I am 9 years old. My father's name is Mohammad Jad. My mother's name is Fatima Jad. My brothers are Ahmad Jad, Hamza Jad, and Abdallah. They are 9 years old...No! Five years old, seven years old, and one year old. I'm from Shatila refugee camp, from Lebanon. I'm Palestinian, from Jaffa. We will begin...Let's start. We will distribute...I will begin passing out the notebooks. When we take the notebook... Let's talk a bit about this lesson. Jamila, where does this story take place? In what region? - In the region of Zahleh. - In the region of Zahleh. You improved. Because she is always concerned about me. Like when I have a dictation and I make a few mistakes, she doesn't count them. We learn about storms, for example. We learn about travel and the snow and stuff. He doesn't want to cause him harm. What did God do? What did he say to the fire? Who created it? Who created the fire? No, the devil didn't create the fire and the devil isn't in the fire. God is the one who created the fire. And because he created it, he said to it, he ordered the fire... Oh fire, be cold and peaceful upon Abraham. Do you all know what "cool and peaceful" means? It's closer this way. Look at me. I'm sweaty. They put a microphone in my pocket and here. - How are you? Good? - Yeah. - What happened at school? - Nothing. - Did you study well? - Yeah. I got 500. What did the teacher tell you? - She said I was talented. - Talented. Papa, the filmed me in the middle of class. - Did Mama come home yet? - No. Finally, who cleaned the house? Thank you! I go to school, come home. I change my clothes, eat lunch, study. I clean the house. If my mom leaves, I do the dishes and take care of my brother and make him a bottle of milk. One, two. Come here. Let me tell you something. They want to film us. Take it. I'll do it, I'll do it. Hold on one sec. I'm going upstairs to help them with ????????? I have a Bourgeoise. I let my brothers play. If they don't bother me, that is. Who wants a pizza with oil, pizza with oil! - God is great. - Who wants a pizza with cream? - And 250 (Lebanese pounds)... Abdallah and Ahmad and Hamza would love to have a computer to play on. When my mom leaves, if Ahmad is sick, I take care of him. And my mom sends me to get medicine. And if my dad gets sick I prepare... I would like one bottle Panadol and a packet of ???? I would like to become a doctor. Then if someone gets sick I can help him. I wish we had a big house. I wish we didn't rent our house. I wish we had beautiful house where I could have a room of my own. I would have a big closet just for me and my own bathroom. And a Barbie. A real Barbie doll that I could sleep with...her and her boyfriend.

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Duration: 10 minutes and 52 seconds
Country: Lebanon
Language: Arabic
Producer: GL Lebanon
Director: Irene Herrera / Lindee Hoshikawa
Views: 176
Posted by: glplebanon on Aug 4, 2009

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