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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~15:45:57 - 16:00:57

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― Where... The dolly? ― No, Spiderman. You had Spiderman upstairs. ― No. ― Yes. How do you know? Because she went there. Um if she was allowed. ― Where did you see it? ― Upstairs. She saw it upstairs! Dolly does not want any. Oh! For me, yes. ― So, you want some? ― Not me. Aw! I don't want milk! Here, without milk. ― No, argh! I want Spiderman. ― Here he is. ― You will put all the milk here? This one. ― Hold on. Roma, why aren't you eating? ― Huh? ― Something... in the milk! ― Huh? She just wants... He wants his cup. He doesn't want milk. Poured me. Didn't you want it without milk? OK. Can I pour this one out? Elia, Marina, Renat! To the table. Take spoons. Romochka, here. Get mad over some cup. It's mine. One-two, one-two, one-two. ― No. ― Yes! ― No. ― Yes. ― How many? ― 12. ― No, 814. ― What? ― Not 12? We're building a house there? Finished one and will build another one. You're finished with the tea? Yes? ― Yes! ― Where? We're building the second! Building the second. ― Second, third. ― The first one, right? Do you want cookies? No! Is it OK if I don't drink here, but outside? Give me a spoon. Give me? I'll do it myself. Let's eat with the spoons. Only this one, the new one. Which battery will you choose? Me too, look! Vasya! Not funny Roma! Do you want... Choose. But not this, this ... myself. Give me. ― What? ― Here is halva. Do you want some halva? ― Some halva? ― Candy. How many each? However many you want. You can take all, like this. You take some. Elia, you want some? Bring some! ― We took everything. ― Yeah! For his good work we need to give some to Vasya. The one who gives Vasya... ― Vasya! ― I don't want this. ― Eat up. ― I will only have tea. Dream on. I don't want this. I will only have tea! Oh only! Oh only! I will only have tea. ― Poor thing. ― Who? Dolly. She is saying right now "Poor dolly". ― Who? ― Marina? ― Yeah. Poor dolly. So what? Dolly! Haha, dolly. What's so funny? To you... Never funny. Funny. If I say something is funny, it will be funny. Say something. Hmm, so funny! So funny. So funny. Shut up, like your boys... Like your boys. What to do, so I should do like this. ― That's it. I will eat like this. ― Right. So, I should eat like this? The table has moved. ― Rom, Roma... ― You are doing it like this. ― Roma. Rom. Roma! Sit normally. Huh? It was like this... Oh! Why is Zhanna being filmed? Why? Vasya is with me, and he is being filmed too. Hey! I don't want to be filmed. In a movie? Why? What for? I don't want. You don't want... with me? I am not allowed in your house. ― No. ― Yeah. ― And I will be able to. You've been inside? Yes. I am not allowed but I went with Vasya. You're not allowed to touch anything. I can when I am allowed. Well, when you're allowed. But without permission, no. When... Come? For long... In the evening. They are always gone that long. ― He will come in the evening? ― Yeah. He will in the evening. ― Yess. ― Uh-oh. What "uh-oh" they always come at night. ― In the evening we can... ― Yeah. We played hide and seek at night. And he took us inside. Right, Vasya? They. School. When school is over, we can play for a long time. Ah! True. When school is over we will go... Not over. Finish it. Why are you... When school is over, if... If... If we just... If we finish school, Vasya? If I have a cat, they will film the cat too. They will film the cat? If I have the cat in my arms, they will film the cat too. If the cat follows you, they will film it too, right? ― Do you know? ― Um, whoever will follow Zhanna will be filmed. Yes. I will follow Zhanna! Why are you doing that? Pretending to be dead. Vasya? Want to play gunfight when um, when... Stand against the wall. Want to, Vasya? I don't want Igor standing. It's not the time to have a play gunfight. Now it's time to build a house. When you are finished, whoever wants will play, right? We don't want, you want. Whoever wants. I have four... I don't want, you want, you can play by yourself then. ― I don't want either. ― Me neither. Where is one more candy? ― Huh? ― There was one more candy. There was four. I have four. Ah. Here. ― Now its four. ― Huh? ― This is my candy. ― I know. Here are yours, and here are mine. Give us... They said... For everybody. ― Come on, drink faster. ― So, look what he has. And her too. Look. ― Me? ― Who, they? You said as many as you want. Too much for them. What? We didn't take them! You're crazy. Yes, you did. But these are not ours. I didn't say anything. Let's go. When you are finished, you want to ride the scooter? ― Five minutes! ― I don't want to. You're full? Five minutes. Ten minutes. You will come. I know. Hi. He has become such a... Do we need this armchair? It has nothing. With nothing, then the walls and that's it. Why? The walls later. The walls. And then what else are we going to do? The door. I already made the door. We will make the wall. Then. Here, OK, we'll have six. What? We will make a beautiful... right? ― Give me... ― Here. I will build with these, and you with those. I will make everything with these. And you, with these. Put it like this, don't construct here. Vasya, wait. Don't build yet. What's that for, huh? I need it so my voice... From where? From there. Zhanna, let's build. You understand? Like me. And I... with the third. The kitchen is there. So that, Vasya. We also need... We need. Not the inside. Do it like this. Ah, here. I have it! I told you, we will need more inside. Vasya, what tower are you building? ― Not small. ― We're not building a tower. ― A small one? ― We're not building a tower. ― Then what? We're just building a house. ― Right, Vasya? ― Yes. ― Look at this tower. ― Wow! ― Uh oh. ― It's not a tower, it's Paris. ― Yes, Paris. ― Paris. ― Like we saw in the movie. ― There is a Paris there, right? ― Yes. Will we build...? ― Find me a door. ― A door? What kind? Vasya knows everything. ― What's this? ― A tower. ― What do you mean it's a tower? It's not a tower, it's Paris. ― Right, Paris. You can look in there, in these holes. Do we need a bench? Ten minutes. Then you will come. ― Ten minutes, I'll give you ten minutes. ― One and here is two. Find another one. A steering wheel needs... Inside the house? ― Watch the small steering wheel. What? ― The steering wheel that Kalim became a hat. Who? Kalim. What is a kalim? A bald, old man. Ah. That Kalim? Yes, it's his hat. Shall we put it on? ― Are you sleeping, what about here? ― Huh? We need more here and you're there. Kalim-balim. ― What about? ― What? Put that here, and that there. So the room will be beautiful. Here, there will be a bathroom. The bathroom will be here. The roof! Where is the roof? Ah, I need to build the bathroom. ― I will build it myself. ― I can do it too. Wait. Listen. ― What about the tub? ― No tub. I can. ― How do you build a bathroom? I've actually forgotten. ― I haven't yet. Can you build it for me? I've forgotten how to build a bathroom.

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
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Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 5, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 15:45-16:00 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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