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Imam Mahdi Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi addressing to a huge gathering in Lahore 6 of 7

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but the Satan laughs standing at the corner side --- “o' keep on tiring, your heart is actually in my hands whenever I wish, I'll turn it” and you will complain one day that “I was much used to offer Tahajjad (midnight) prayers don't know what has happened to me now even couldn't offer the obligatory prayers (Farz)”. The Satan has turned the heart. Whenever someone tries to nestle Allah in his heart; the Satan has a Hindu army of (Jinns) Genie/evil spirits, commands them “go and ruin him, destroy him, do whatever you can; this Allah should not enter within him, otherwise he will slip away from our hands for the whole life”. There are some people who chant Allah-Allah; Word “Allah” gets embossed on their hearts. Holy Quran says that “there are some people on whose hearts Faith has been written”. (infact) The same Allah is embossed; that becomes the Faith. There are some people who chant Allah-Allah every time; upon their hearts Holy Madina settles, because He [PBUH] is neither Allah nor even separate from Allah. When that Holy Madina once settles, then wherever he is, is actually in Madina. And there are some people who always chant Allah-Allah; Khana Kaaba appears on their hearts. Once, Majjadad Alif Sani saw that hidden creatures, Genie (jins) and angels are bowing in adoration to him --- got very much worried --- “this adoration is not allowed for human being, why they are bowing in adoration? Has any satanic wile/illusion happened? A voice came "don't be frightened, they are not bowing in adoration for you, they are bowing to Khana Kaaba that has been settled inside you”. When Khana kaaba appeared on the heart of Rabia Basri, that Kaaba (which is in Mecca) was ordered to go and circumambulate (tawaf) to 'This' (Kaaba which was in the heart of Rabia Basri) “you were made with mud & clay by Abraham [AS] and I (Allah) made it with my own Light (noor)”. Now some people say that the kaaba would be the Artificial/ Copy (misali). Copy means "It had been made like that". If that Kaaba was Artificial, then Throne of Balqis would have been also artificial, If the Throne of Balqis was real, then the Kaaba that came was also real. At midnight, Hazrat Ibrahim Bin Adham went to see Kaaba --- there was no Kaaba --- people were sleeping --- there was no Kaaba --- "Thought --- perhaps Allah has lifted it up --- the time of the Day of Judgment is about to come". There came a voice; “don't you worry; it has gone to make the circumambulate (tawaf) of an old lady. Go towards the north” when he goes to the north, sees that Rabia Basri is sitting and the kaaba is making the circuit....Allah Now the Kaaba has been settled but the destination of His majesty 'Man' is still beyond this. When the Kaaba settled she become the half Qalander, still not became the complete saint, didn't become the complete Qalander. The one who talks to Allah is a half saint. The station of Habal-ul-Wareed (nearer to your jugular vein) is beyond this. For that Allah says that “I am nearer to his jugular vein”. The One upon whose heart the image of Allah appears that is a habalul-Wareed. For whom Allah says that “I become his tongue with which he speaks. I become his hands with which he holds. Whoever has fed him, actually fed Me, Whoever arranged clothes for him to wear, actually arranged to wear for Me”. The Satan knows that His majesty Man can reach any one of these stages if Allah enters in his heart. That is why he orders evil spirits to “go and ruin him and do whatever you can, this Allah should not enter in him”. You don't have even one (Jin) Genie to retaliate them. They will come and tease you, if you don’t give up they even can go by making you mad. That is why people say that one gets mad with Allah-Hu but from where one gets permission; Allah gives them one Compassionate Army. As soon as that Satan's army attacks you; this Compassionate Army attacks on them. That Compassionate Army will accompany you until Allah - 'The Compassionate' is not got up inside you. Then, one doesn't remain only Man; becomes the Man giver (banda nawaz). Doesn’t remain poor, becomes the Poor giver (ghreeb nawaz). Then, he doesn't remain poor; he becomes the poor giver. Now, we have neither come to make you our disciple nor to receive any gifts/oblations. We went to Europe. There some religious scholars (clerics) surrounded us and said; come here for religious convincing (tableegh). Are not we enough to do preaching? Do you need money from them? We said, “NO”. Came here for doing politics? Said “NO”. Came here for doing bait (Oath of Allegiance)? Said “NO”. Then why you came here are you mentally ill? Said “No”. Then why you have come here tell us any purpose? We said that “it is the order of Allah and His Prophet”. They said; then show us the order of Allah and His Prophet. We said; we are ready to show. For this one needs to practice five-seven days. I give you permission for meditation (Zikr); if Allah-Allah starts within you. Then, indeed it was the order of Allah and His Prophet [PBUH]. We don't bother whether you have any spiritual guide (Murshid) or not; we don't bother this. Our purpose is that Allah-Allah should start inside you, whether you're a disciple of any one or not. Those who have a spiritual guide or not, it is important for them to have the touchstone to judge the spiritual guide. Everyone thinks of his spiritual guide a Ghaus or Qutab, whereas in this world there is only one Ghaus and three Qutabs. Wherever you go, don't know how many claimants Ghaus or how many Qutab are there and how many Abdaal are present there! Now don't know whose spiritual guide is perfect? Any ‘one’ of them would have a perfect one. Now what recognition he has? If his spiritual guide is perfect......... really perfect, then he is may be of any nature; his spiritual guide will himself will purify him But if he perfect, only then. Now he should have a belief and he should have the sense of recognizing either spiritual guide is perfect or not. If you're looking for a diamond; first of all you will have to become an appraiser of precious stones. Then you should go in the search of diamond. When this Allah-Allah will start inside you, beats of the heart will call Allah-Allah. Then if Data Sahib is near to you, you go there. There is also Allah; here is also Allah. Then that highest state of feelings (riqqat) will be produced when they Allah Allah will collide with each other, Allah Allah will become faster. It is in Hadith Sharif (Prophetic tradition) that “the recognition of a saint is, in whose gathering (Mehfil) Allah-Allah starts” Now, Allah-Allah was already present; going there to Data Sahib it will become more faster. You got a proof that he is a Saint (Wali Allah). Then further go to Baba Fareed. There is also Allah; here is also Allah. The state of highest feelings will produce, this will become faster. You got the proof. Then go to your spiritual guide. If by going near him (spiritual guide), the state you felt at Data Sahib and the state you have gone through at Baba Fareed, if the same state of highest feelings produced again; then, your spiritual guide is perfect one. Now the belief has become rock-solid. Now, never leave him. Now even you if are losing your life let it go, life has to go anyways. Now, never leave him. Now, if go there time and again. Time and again going to him! Nothing happens It means he is also nothing and (for no reason) ruining your life. He is spoiling your 'inner' through which you had to find Allah. He is destroying that thing through which you had to find Allah. For that Sakhi Sultan Bahu Said; "Then, you pack him in a sack silently, stitch it well strongly, and throw him in a river, so that he dies toppling.” Because then he is a murderer of those creatures. There are sixteen creatures in a man. If he had 1000 disciples, it become 16000, He is a murderer of sixteen thousands creatures. Then, this should be the treatment of the murderer. At present time every man is in search of the straight path. All sects are in search of the straight path. If they would have found God in being Sunni, then why they should became Wahabi? And if Allah would be there in Wahhabism, then why would they become Shiite? Why would they convert? All are looking for a straight path. No one has inner satisfaction. These are oral beliefs, from the inside, none is satisfied. The straight path… in two minutes it would be known that what is a straight path! Every sect will accept it. The people of all the sects who are sitting here; even though if people of other religions sitting here, they too will say that 'He telling the fact'. There are some such people who are outwardly also spoiled, inwardly also spoiled. Even though they say that “we're the lover of the Prophet [PBUH]”. They neither offer prayers nor keep fast apparently;

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His Holiness Riaz Ahmed Gohar Shahi delivering a lecture to a huge gathering in Lahore (Mochi Gate).

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