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Character Building and Radical Breath

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CHARACTER BUILDING & RADICAL BREATH Practice breath by breath radical honesty radical understanding, radical self-forgiveness radical seeing to see direct, what is really here Because the moment you miss a breath life becomes like a movie and you become like a character, and then you try and build this character to participate in this movie but you keep on losing you keep on being in conflict because this character is competing with all the other characters and none of these characters are in fact up to the task to deal with the script in this moving... within this moving reality which is a movie and you start to lose faith and you start to try and build faith but all of it is built on character building It's not based on the reality of seeing Hear radically what is going on Being radically honesty with yourself about the nature and the mechanics of this reality within which you find yourself This movie you have created this thing that you have given names these words that's become the living word of your reality where you are playing character, character True character is to be physical real honest participating in every moment breath by breath in the real reality changing that which has become illusion into reality That which has become illusion is temporary and requires your full energetic attention While that which is really here moves anyway And then you build layers of characters like cast systems like haves and have-nots None of this can last because it is illusion and it will end and you will go through the pain as this is taken away And it's only a belief you will be losing it's only your faith you will be losing But it will be very painful because you have made it as if it is real as if it's really you when it is not you The real you has never ever spoken even yet Because from your very first breathe you were pushed in to the sins of the fathers from seven generations before and a character, a personality was built none of it real All of it -- a lie Every single thing you have ever done is a lie Every thought you've had was pre-programmed It was never original Investigate Desteni so that you can find out what is radical change

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Aug 11, 2011

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