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European Strangers

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Hello to whoever it is that's watching this video right now Now I don't know if I told you, but I decided to take the second semester... ...of my past university year to travel across Europe with a friend of mine. (Children Ahh) You know, they say the best part about traveling is meeting new people... ...and experiencing new cultures... but the thing is as a tourist in an international country you only really meet one of four different types of people. There are the obnoxious "Where is the Button?" photographers. You know, when you ask someone to take a picture for you... ...and they always ask where the button is? Even though you know that... the last century all buttons on the camera were always on the top right-hand side. I don't know why they always ask. The "Idiotic Crosswalkers" who press the Crosswalk button even though you've... ...obviously already pressed it yourself. And it's even worse when they see you press the Crosswalker button... ...and then think that their touch is somehow going to make it come faster? "Oh thank you for gracing us with your touch, your highness" But the people who ask if they've missed their transportation... ...even though you're clearly still waiting for it too? Excuse me! Did the bus come yet? - No - Oh thank god. Otherwise I wouldn't be here What was that? Nothing. And then there was the one odd city or two... ...where the language barrier was such an issue... ...that you end up having to play a game of charades with the locals. 'Scusi. Yeah? (Mumbling) You know--the?--Where the--? the--the--the... Umm, aside from the all the people and the cultures that we've experienced... ...we hit up a lot of the major landmarks... like the Moulin Rouge, Eiffel Tower, the Louvre... ...The Holocaust Memorial, Big Ben, The London Eye, Parthenon, Legoland... ...Baby Elephants, Baby Elephants, Slow Old People... and what have I been up to since I got back do you ask? To be honest, my life's been a lot like the lyrics to this song ♪Today I don't feel like doing anything♫ ♪I just wanna lay in my bed♫ ♪Don't feel like picking up my phone...♫ ♪So leave a message at the tone...♫ ♪'Cuz today, I swear, I'm not doing anything♫ No, but in all seriousness since I got back I've been spending a lot of my time applying for jobs... ...doing personal errands like cleaning my car and crap like that ...and playing playstation! Which is a very important "errand" that I have to run... But I haven't really--Which I haven't done in a while. So, aside from that--just... Thank you for watching, YouTubers ...and I look forward to seeing you next time. Did I change that? Is that how I used to end my videos? I don't know. Wait, wait--Can we do it again? Just the part where you were like... "Oh, no I gotta go... I actually have to go" Actually, I have to go.

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Posted by: lugua on Apr 4, 2011

No Hidden Melissa/Geoffrey in this video : (

A brief blog about my trip across Europe and our encounters with Europeans

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