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HOM 30 - Masters and Spiritual Guides in the World System

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: HOM 30 - Creation of White Light Construct (Jack) ok now we are at the creation of the white light obviously Anu was aware that he will not have interdimnesional access, in this planet on earth with his slaves, his creation and he require a system, that runs as him as a manifested god principle so he needed to automated everything basically in this world on this planet earth on this existence so what was already automated was all human being's pre-programmed Life experiences, on earth to the connection of the stars that was made, when they were born their imprinted into the grid line structure that was placed here on earth, and existence in it's entirety they just go on and they- walk into that which has been already placed with their experiences of themselves in this world ok, so the white light was then the manifestation of that which connected the dimensions with earth the white light so the white light was connected through the consciousness system inside human beings connected to the dimensions, in other words all human beings were connected to the dimensions in other words that's where the earth and dimensions were separated but one with their connection of the white light and Anu realized that he couldn't be everywhere, all the time he required a system, placement as himself so that's what the white light was, the white light was a system placement of Anu and then of course he had his, gods and his appointed ones which was usually called masters yes, this is the same master that channel used to- to channel so the masters, were the one in charge of the white light and also for instance when a human being dies, and they crossed over to the dimensions Anu's gods which was the masters or the guides, were basically more the were also god- 'guards' manifestations they basically, the guide basically guarded human beings to make sure that they don't deviate off the- placement of their consciousness systems within them to make sure that they remained of consciousness system and not discovered any truth of their existence so imagine systems found out they are systems and not actually Life it's not who they really are it's strange, anyway so that's what the guides were actually that was their placement and there were masters that make sure when the beings crossed-over with the guides that they are die effectively either for reincarnation or they're placed also in dimensional planes which is called the ascension process or enlightenment process which is the- also a form of attainment progression of some sort also to keep dimensional beings busy because there were more dimensional beings than human beings on earth so Anu had to find a way to keep the dimensional beings busy which was through the, idea and perception of ascension to experience heaven so he made everyone's Life shit earth human beings, dimensional beings so bloody low and worthless and hopeless that they want to, attain to and experience of a heaven or to be with a god because I'm sure that's the main reason why everyone wants go to heaven because this world is hell! and that's how human beings are designed not only human beings dimensional beings as well hopeless, worthless, inferior so that you're able to "take the bait" of wanting to go to some heaven or etc. so the white light incorporated all these the entire dimensions was of the white light in other words it was placed as Anu, Anu had like his chamber- in the dimensions where his white light is like his antenna frequency network it was in everything all over, human beings dimensional beings it was the, oneness connector with all that exist and, from there he has his chamber in the dimensions which was his 'heaven' his personal placement of existence which is not on his own planet though, it was his own design within which he had many woman well from his race they projected himself as woman you know that's all they did they were shapeshifters and, he had the basic earth, all human beings and the dimensions here in front of him so he didn't need to manifest on earth or do anything because him as his white light placement of everything if there was a problem there was a situation with any beings, in existence! that placement of him as him this small placement of the entire placement of himself as the white light would tell him what was necessary to be done so that's what I'm saying: Anu didn't have interdimensional access to earth he had become the slave of his own creation to a certain extent so human beings in truth you- human beings and dimensional beings were placed into this dimensional layer, separated from earth where we're all that ever existed here and all were Anu's slaves or we are lost trapped consciousness systems and that's where- that's why the white light was designed so Anu never really actually participate in anything that everyone was doing with their programmed to do human beings going on with their Lifes dimensional beings fucked around here a bit through channelings through mind projection manifestations of themselves and of course, when you die dimensional beings fucked around in there because some, had the ability to design their 'own little heaven' their experience others were lost in their ascension processes of enlightenment or some form of attainment to god or to a (sigh) god knows what ok, this is Jack this is all I have to say for the moment I'll continue with the next interview next (time) thanks Please join us for Discussion: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Yolanda King, Nikola Tesla, Dolphins CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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