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Ivan Montano - Cali, Colombia - Spanish (Global Lives Project, 2013) -18:00:00 - 18:29:59

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We didn't pass the big one. We're such a bad drivers. I'm the water and you're the fire. You have to pass through the fire, right? But don't get in the water because you are off. Nor in these green things, did you hear? With this key you move here, this key moves you there and with this one you jump. And these three? Yes, this goes to the right, this one to the left and this jumps. It does not stay still. Did you see? it's off. Is it off? —Yes. Then I am the water. I am red or which one? You are red, I'm blue. You can not leave, you need to jump with this. That man does not jump. Do It. Ha ha ha. —It only jumps to one side. Yeah, like that. That is jumping on one side. Wait and see, I will pass this. He drowned. This is boring. Choose one. There are too many options. Already checked one. —There is also Mario Bros game. What? This one. With the right. Left. Ok. Oh, that's another. What? Look for the 15. What bike do you want? Hey, what bike do you want? The red one. This one? The same? —Take a elegant one. Oh yeah, Daniel plays this one. Do it hard. Look at that rock. Climb it, climb it, climb it! The left you destroyed. Ah, another rock came. It destroys me. You have to straighten it. Jump with the 'E' key. Jump. I know, when the rock goes down, you jump. Oops, why it stayed there? Here you jump, and there comes another. Good but almost got to the top. Now I got it. Jump at least one.—Oh, where I went? Check in the back. Let it fall to straighten it. Yeah. Do it. There came another. We went to the next level. There are 2 stones, no more. Skating. What happened? Go back. The tires are flat. Oh, but it will fly. —It will fly. Like the cat. Don't fall. Ah! haha. Hey, fat! Hey, uncle. Hey boy, how did it go? —Are you just in that level? —yes, I have not been able to climb. The professor of cartoons has arrived. It became entangled. Explode another one. Olivia, were you around?. — Oh yes — Ay. Ay ay — I was in the street. — That's fine. What's up, boss? —How did it go, son? Good or what? - How's the cause? —Good, good. Now. Let me put you up. —Ok. —This is going up then. Look, uncle! With this key you walk, right? Look. With this key you go back, see. Use this key if you have to jump, did you see? Then, here's how. A stone, you go backwards. Done. Ok, nothing. It makes me lose energy, it comes another stone. Jump! Well, I climb this mountain. —Go! — Put it, then. — Ok, Do it. —No, leave it the way it was. Beware. Beware, I will come up. Go then! You have to explode cars. — Where is it?— From here, start. Yeah. Go uncle! —I climb it.—Wait, wait, that thing crushes you. Did you see? the ball crushes you. That ball with spikes explodes you, it's like a bomb. And what's the danger? — Which one? —Where we came from —That one? ah, it's the same level and same place. If you put both things together, you will lose a life. So, you must do it this way. Uy uy uy. That was bad. —And to jump this? You have to hit the thing to jump. —And how to jump this? Back, back, back. Wait, forward, forward, back back, back, back. It has to be fast. See. It goes up, down, down, down, jump, up. Down. Put another. —Another game? —Another game, this one is very hard. I can finish this one, check how I finish it. You finished it. —Oh, haven't I finished it several times already? See, this is cool. Or a fight one? —Yes, any of these two. —Ok. This is a good fight one. —Give me mine. With these you move, jump, crouch, walk with this and that.. all of this: hit, hit, hit ,hit, hit. and there make a weird roll. Hit, hit, hit ,hit, all that.—hit, hit, hit, hit, hit and this is for lightning. It started. The one, the one of ... And which one is mine? You have to fit this here. Here, over here. Oops, two, lucky! hahaha. Lucky you went badly loaded. Load it. Hey. Here, here, here, here, here. 1 to 6. You tell me which player you want. Wait, wait. What player do you want? Oh, and so the news —You already chose. —What do you mean? Who's winning, who? —Just going to start. That, that, i want that. —What, this one? —That one.—press '1 '. Ah, no, that's mine already. —No, that's mine. —No, you already chose a women. —No, you can cry! Woman, you play with the woman, not me. —Ah, then let's change again. Oh wait, wait, wait a second. Here, now. No, wait man, you have to wait. —That is mine.— This? —That one.—No, you already chose this. — What's wrong? You chose that already. —You have to wait a second— I got him first. Wait, let me choose. Go.—You know what? I take this, it will beat yours. Ha. Ok. Check the controls, go. Nobody beats me. I won. —Ah, ok—I won—Round 2 —I beat you. Wait, I got lost. Ouch. See —Uff!—Round 3. Round 3, Go! Uff, I beat you.—Ha. Oops, I broke his neck. Don't do that. —I'll break your neck. I won.—I won —I beat you. Hand to hand. That's you, right? I won. Same game, or another one? —The same and I'll win again. —Look, you don't have to press '1'. You have to wait. Wait. I am the player 2, right? Let's look here. I check one game with cool motorcycles.— Look one game of motorcycles, "Motoninja." Look "Motoninjas", a race game. It's loading. This key speeds up, and this key to jump, and these make acrobatic moves. Ready. — 1, 2, 3, 4. Why you leave it stuck there? —Because it has to keep on. Isn't a motorcycle like that? See, that does nothing there. See, 1, 2, 3. 4 5 —Uy, it has a little bridge. Go! here and here. — Bye, see you. — Bye, boss. Go, keep it down there. Wait, wait. Yeah, you won. Level 2. Oops, that is a big spin.

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Duration: 29 minutes and 59 seconds
Country: Colombia
Producer: Claudia Quigua
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Posted by: globallives on Sep 30, 2013

Ivan plays computer games with his nephew Jose Daniel.

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