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vApp Cloning with NetApp Workflow Automation

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I am Kevin Hill, automation solutions architect at NetApp I will show you how you can achieve effortless vApp Cloning with NetApp’s Workflow Automation. Log into vCloud Director with administrative credentials. and see what exists in vCloud Director for virtual appliances See that we only have 1 vApp with 3 virtual machines We’ll go to the vApp view and we see we have OrgVDC_vApp_1 Now access the Workflow Automation system via any Web browser Log in with our credentials and we are authenticated and shown only the workflows we are able to initiate. We’ll provide the user inputs for the workflows and execute. Here we log into the portal with our credentials and see the workflows we are able to initiate. Here we see vCloud category and we have 3 workflows. We select Clone New vApp Click on execute. We are shown a limited set of user inputs: source vApp name; the new vApp name to use; input what you like, the host IP for vCloud director, and vCenter. Click execute or add in an execution comment to go along with the initiation of this workflow. Here we select “Test Execution for vApp cloning" Then press execute to process this workflow. The workflow will plan to see if it will succeed, then it will initiate the execution step. See that this is a very simple workflow, one command. then we will process and clone the vApp within vCloud Director. Switch over to vCloud Director to see to see that this new vApp has been created. See the original vApp, then refresh and now see that the new vApp has been created. Visit the Workflow Automation community for workflow building blocks and workflow design discussions. Visit and check out our Clouds OnCommand blog. Thank you for watching.

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Posted by: kristina.brand on Oct 1, 2012

Learn how you can achieve effortless vApp Cloning with NetApp’s Workflow Automation.

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