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Jumping Into Facebook

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[AARP—Real Possibilities] Before watching this video, we recommend that you watch Facebook Basics. Congratulations on jumping into Facebook. Now that you have joined Facebook, here are 5 tips to start connecting. First step—build out your profile and include only what you wish to share. Consider using a profile picture that shows your face. Add a cover photo that shows a favorite spot or a casual photo of your family. Hover your mouse over the pictures and you can edit either one. By clicking About, you can add as many details as you like, such as your work and education, the places you've lived, basic information like your birthday, and even contact information if you want to share that. Second step—start small with a few friends. Consider following 5 friends. Search for a friend and click Add Friend to send a friend request. You'll be notified when they accept your request. Consider liking 5 pages you think are interesting. You might want to start with a few of the AARP pages. You'll have the opportunity on each page to Like it. Search for the AARP National Event page or AARP Create the Good or you can search for AARP Drive to End Hunger. From your News Feed, watch how friends and AARP pages post on Facebook before you jump in. A few things you may notice are that styles of postings vary from adding links to sharing thoughts to adding photos. Notice how personal perspectives often get more interaction than just a shared link without any comments. Some people just share, while others encourage long conversations on their Facebook page. Third step—create Friends Lists of the people you friend on Facebook. You can create lists of close friends, acquaintances, and a restricted list to limit interaction if you like. Just point to a friend's name and select a Friends category. Fourth step—share links. Consider sharing a link or information you read in Facebook or when you browse the Internet. If you are in Facebook, tap Share at the bottom of a post. If you are on the Internet, many sites have an opportunity to Like or Share a page. Fifth step—consider sharing a little each day on Facebook. Enjoy the conversation and the opportunity to stay in touch with so many people. [Technology, Education, Knowledge] [AARP—Real Possibilities]

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Posted by: aarp on Feb 18, 2014

Tips to start connecting on Facebook

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