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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~19:46:13 - 20:01:13

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― Will you turn it off? ― Later. Then, after, after... Dear, whose bear is this, whose is this? ― It is mine. ― It is not yours, it is Roma’s. ― Let’s… ― Roma calls him “cat”. ― Did you play with this? ― Yes. ― Who did you fight with? ― With Ilyas. ― Let’s... Did you throw? Give it. ― I do not want to play. ― Did you play with this? ― Yes. ― Who did you fight with? ― With Ilyas. Go ahead. Wow! Mother’s is close, you start. OK. ― Walk in. ― Wait. Hey, hey. Hey, one by one, one by one! Yeah, sixteen. Uncle Kuanysh is sixteen. Yes? Go ahead. ― Missed! ― Wide of the mark! Woo hoo! ― Zhanna, good girl! One more. One more time. ― Wait… ― Here you are. ― Yeah, eighteen. Go ahead. ― Good girl, three. ― Three. Yeah, good. Start, now. My turn, give me. Go ahead. ― Oops! Mom? ― How much? Seventeen, three. Twenty three points. Look. Go ahead. I didn't hit anything. I didn't hit anything. ― It is normal. ― Hit. Wow! Stop. This… ― Stand here? ― Yes. ― And this, ― Here? ― Yes. Let’s play one more time, last time, you start. ― Did you box today? ― Yes. Yes? ― Did you miss mother when she left to Shymkent? ― Yes. ― Oh, out. ― Out. ― Out is… ― What happened? ― Cats. ― Huh? ― Cat, cat. ― What is it doing? ― It is fighting. ― With who? ― One. This one? ― No. Twenty, twenty, uncle, twenty. ― Most of all. ― Let’s play for the last time here. ― Most of all. ― Go ahead, center. ― Good. ― Three. ― Go ahead, Zhanna. ― Here. Now let's clean. Ilyas’s trousers, these are your pajamas. ― Mom, will I wear pajamas? The pajamas with the mermaid? ― OK. ― This one. ― Ilyas scattered everything. Will I wear this one? ― Please. ― I saw him a long time ago. ― When? ― After the bath, yes? ― Do you want this? ― Yes. ― OK. ― Where did you find it? ― It was here. What underpants will you wear? Is a cat there? Oh, this one. Which one? Which one is there? ― Which one is this? ― Mickey Mouse. Where is that one? Pink. ― The other one. ― This one? ― The other one. ― This, this, this. ― Oh, yes. ― This one? White and pink. Also I need different pajamas. ― Wear that red one. ― Whose? Yours is fine. Will you wear it? ― OK. Let’s go take a bath. ― Which one will I wear tomorrow? Zhanna! Put your clothes here. Let’s tidy up first, OK? Everything is scattered. Let’s do that. Help me. Tidy it better, like this, yes. Like this. Little like that. And here too. ― Did you play well? ― Yes. ― Did Uncle Kuanysh play with you? ― No. ― Did you miss your mom when she was in Shymkent? ― Yes. We played with Vasya, Elya, Andrey. ― What did you play with Vasya? ― Knock out. ― In the field? ― Yes. And then we played football. ― You played football? ― Yes, yes. ― Did you box with Ilyas? ― Yes. ― Yes? ― Didn’t anyone hit you? When we were playing knock out, everybody was throwing, throwing, throwing the ball at me. ― Did you cry? ― No. Put that book nicely here. ― Where? ― Here. Yes, and design it. Here you are, put this blanket here. Let me sit here. ― Will you sleep here today? ― OK. Put those dirty socks in the bathroom. Put the dirty socks in the bathroom with the dirty clothes. Where should I put this bear? Oh, this is dirty. It is not ours. It was lying on the floor. Well, well, put it with laundry. Put it with the dirty clothes. Zhanna, let’s clear it quicker, come here. These are Ilyas’s clothes. ― Zhan! ― Yes. ― Come here. ― Come, what is this? It is terrible. ― I don’t know. ― What is this? ― Sit down. ― It is definitely not me. Sit down here. After I was looking for it! To build the house. ― Let’s clear it. ― Wait. Will turn. Play here. Sit down here. Go, play there, I will clear it quickly. ― Zhanna? ― What? ― Did you play train road? ― I don’t know. ― Will you play train road one time? ― Yes. Like a cake, mom. Look, like a cake. Well, these are Ilyas’s things. Ilyas puts all his things there, and I there. Leave it there, I'll clear later. You wore it. Who did you fight with? There are Ilyas’s gloves. My poor mouth. Poor mouth. Poor mouth? Who gave it to me? Forgot. I don’t know. Ah, Aunt Sveta. Aunt Dana. Take this train and play. ― I will play tomorrow. ― Play now. ― Tomorrow, I'll do it. ― What will we do tomorrow? ― Tomorrow? Built these little ones. ― I won’t now. ― Tired… But after the bath come and go straight to sleep, my dear. Do you understand? Yes. Wait, let’s look through Ilyas’s books quickly and after that sleep, OK? Ilyas’s… It is terrible. What day is it tomorrow? ― Wednesday. Did Ilyas do his homework? ― I don’t know. Ah, yes. Well, tomorrow is Thursday. Teaching, mathematics, writing, labor, art. Teaching, math. Let’s take math. Where is the math notebook? Here is math. Oh, good boy. Did Ilyas write it? Well, math is done. This is an ABC book. Here is the notebook. ― Mom, what are you doing? ― Is there a Kazakh lesson tomorrow? There is no Kazakh. ABC book… What are you eating? So, what is in your mouth? Ah! Zhanna, you can’t! It’s terrible! Don’t do that! Listen! Do you understand? Well… And this one… Wait, it was writing, labor, art. Bring me Ilyas’s drawing album from there. From the windowsill. Give it, give the cat… Give the bear from your hands. There, on the windowsill, take Ilyas’s drawing album. Do you understand? ― Here, mom? ― Yes, on the other side of those books. ― There is a car. ― This one? ― No, the drawing album. Yes, it is the second one. ― There is a car on the cover. ― A car. Drawing album. You know, a normal album. ― Where… ― Did you find it? ― No. Where is it? What color is it? Here, this is called a drawing album. Have you seen this car? This is Ilyas’s drawing album. Let’s put Ilyas’s hammer into its place. Well, it is done. Ilyas is ready for school. ― Who helped Ilyas? ― He did it by himself. Elya was watching. Yes? Elya, was watching and helping. Well, take out your hair. Are you tired? I am tired. Look, it's still up. Aha. Well, Ilyas is ready. This is Ilyas’s sport uniform. Here, take it to your pillow. ― Mom, give me these vitamins. ― How many did you have today? ― One. Did daddy give it you? Did dad give it you? That’s all. ― You're not allowed to take a lot of vitamins, do you understand? ― Yes. Let’s go take a bath. ― Take off your clothes. ― Where can I put these… Wait, I will prepare Ilyas’s bed. ― Will tomorrow… ― Zhanna, put those magnets. Tomorrow also, tomorrow… ― Will they shoot me tomorrow too? ― I don’t know. No, no. Go, go to the bathroom. Zhanna, take off your clothes. Do you understand? ― Zhanna, I'm coming in. ― Huh? ― Open the door. ― Why? ― Because I'm coming in. Take off your trousers. Wait, I will take out my hairbrush. Zhanna, quicker. ― Where? ― I put it there. ― OK. Here is our bed. ― What is this? ― Oh, I am sorry. OK. ― Mommy, it's cold. Sometimes it is cold. ― Wait. ― Well. ― Ah, here. ― It doesn’t work? ― The machine works, but… ― It cannot wash this? ― Huh? Is this… ― What about underpants? ― Take them off. We're taking a bath, Ilyas. We'll close it from Ilyas.

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
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Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 13, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 19:45-20:00 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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