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2018 EcoSport - Volger Ford - March 2018

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Good morning folks, this is David Dannenmueller here at Vogler Ford in Carbondale, Illinois. I'm going to talk to you guys about the all new subcompact SUV that Ford has come out with in 2018 called the EcoSport. Now the EcoSport has four different models to choose from. It has the base model S, the SE model, the SES model and then the Titanium. What we pulled out here for you today is the SE model. I'd like to show you some key features about it. On the outside if you look in the front here, we've got standard 16 inch tires and wheels. You have the proximity entry which you can just put your key on the door, actually put your thumb on the door and it will lock and unlock for you. As far as the window label is concerned, it has an estimated fuel economy is 29 miles per gallon on the highway and 23 in town. As well on this one here, you have the 1.0 EcoBoost engine as standard and this would be up to 2.0 engine in this. A distinctive outside feature on the SE model is you have body colored door handles and you also have an ease access entry here on the fuel when you put your gas in there. Another distinct item that's on the SE is the badging on the outside says "SE" and you also have the the 4-wheel drive badging. What I like most about this is so unique—on the tailgate it doesn't raise up from bottom to top. There's a button you push and it opens from side to side. It actually makes it easy accessible for you to get your grocery items in and out and there's also a strut involved so the wind can't blow it back. Also, what's two unique features on the EcoSport in the front is, to help on fuel economy you have the clam shell type lift with aerodynamic lines. Also, you have the active grille shutter which helps with your coefficient drag for better fuel economy. They open and close the faster you go. It resists the air that's coming in through and around the vehicle. Now inside the vehicle what I like to talk about is some standard features. You have the heated front cloth seats, one on both sides. You also have a 6.5 inch screen that when you put the car in reverse, the backup camera comes on. What's nice about this is, well, although it's not equipped with navigation, once I pair your phone up, your iPhone or your Android phone up to it, you can put your apps on here and actually pull up your Google Maps where you can take navigational routes wherever you want to go. Another key safety feature on this vehicle, it has 10 airbags which is unique. It has dual-stage airbags. What I mean by that, in the front area they will engage or disengage at different collision points at different speeds. You also have a knee airbag on the drivers side and on your passenger side and you also have four airbags on the side and two in the back.

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