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Explaining Xemelê to Matt Mullenweg

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Really, that's what we do What is it called? XeMeLê Xemelê is the name of the theme? Yes. It is the name of the community, it is the name of the blog, and also the concept. It's from XML Aah! Xemelê Because, (Gilberto) Gil, the Minister, When we started to talk to him about the possibilities of the online conversation and RSS, and systems' conversation through XML He would say: oh, XML, but just the three letters... Don't you have something more sounding? ♪ Xemelê ! ♫ And I thought it was appropriate because somehow... - You should do one for RSS Really, yes... it could work for RSS too... Too... too dry, just the three letters So it is Xemelê. And I think it tells a little about what we are doing Because we are using the technology, but we are implementing some kind of "culture of use" Coming from the Ministry of Culture, and we are dealing with the issue We call it another layer over the technology So, back in the meeting we were talking about that, That Xemelê is not just only technology, but how to create a "culture of use" around it. Technology is just the means to get there. Yeah. For the public institutions to understand what's going on on the web The have to have this kind of facilitators Something that can smooth the learning process So what's changing on their message? In the institutions? Just that Because what we had before is that people they were just like buying web projects. Conctracting other companies to come and think about what the institution needs And they obviously come with a project that is totally 1.0 it doesn't talk, and at the same time you don't have capacity building in the institution to operate this interactivity. Because it's all outside. It goes all outside, and it dies, because you build a website, and in three months it's already old, and dead. What we do at the Ministry of Culture Somehow people are looking at it (the site) because when you enpower the many sectors to operate this interactivity The site is alive, very much You have many flows of different issues coming Different from the other one which was just the institutional message And it is stopped. So I think... this is (something)... Now we are working on the Intranet using BuddyPress Nice... Because you know about the Orkut fever here in Brazil... Orkut. Yes, yes. You have 75% of the population there... Everybody is there... Crazy...

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Duration: 3 minutes and 13 seconds
Year: 2008
Country: Brazil
Language: English
Producer: Guilherme Aguiar
Director: José Murilo
Views: 215
Posted by: josemurilo on Nov 9, 2008

Jose Murilo and Matt Mullenweg talk about Xemelê -- the WordPress theme for government websites -- at Latinoware 2008, in Foz do Iguazu, Brazil. (

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