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POI Manifestation Guadeloupe Martinique 16-02-2009

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POI: Independent Workers' Party. For socialism, the Republic and democracy. [Free our comrades! 200 euros for every one!] This is really a protest movement against the rising cost of living. And I invite all of its detractors... [XXX] And to see that effectively We are being suffocated, and it's gone on long enough. I am here in solidarity with the people in the overseas departments who are protesting against the high cost of living and impossible conditions because I think there is a connection between living conditions here in the metropole, and conditions overseas the struggles are connected, and we need to fight together What we are our right. We are not asking [XXX] Twelve of our compatriots are in prison. We are not going to just let it go and we are not [XXX] [Free our comardes! 200 euros for everyone!] Even right now in Guadeloupe [XXX] [XXX] our comrades We [XXX] 12 arrests. And its [XXX] between the security forces and the protesters [XXX] He came back with nothing And seemingly with the order to charge the protesters And that's the only response the government can give today What's happening today is not just about the Antilles I think we are in the same boat, in the same [XXX], and the crisis has affected everyone [XXX] I am here because I think the situation in Guadeloupe and Martinique is intolerable With an exploitation [XXX] Our friends working over there [XXX] Working conditions are getting worse everywhere [XXX] We are here in the streets to defend union rights And the right to free speech in order to improve working conditions and the standard of living I am here because [XXX] the workers of Guadeloupe and Martinique. [XXX] the stubbornness of the French government which has made promises it has refused to keep And it's clear that the workers' movement in France and all of the workers' organizations must be on the side of the workers in Guadeloupe and force Mr. Sarkozy respond to their demands. There's undeniably an unwavering support for the workers in Guadeloupe As the working classes in France have fought [XXX] [XXX] The confrontations are beginning The provocations are beginning So how will the government respond to our friends, our family in Guadeloupe? We should say shame Shame on this government Shame on this government that has done nothing but run away That responds with lies and today, with blows. [Free our comrades! 200 euros for everyone!] [Free our comrades!]

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Posted by: jenbrea on Feb 20, 2009

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