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Unleashing the Mind - Sadhguru - Isha Download Preview

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From the moment you are born to this moment, everything that you have seen, everything that you have heard, everything that you have smelt, everything that you have tasted and everything that you have touched, everything that you have perceived through these five sense organs is recorded in your mind. Whether you recorded this, whether it happened in wakefulness or sleep, it is still recorded. This can be very easily done to you. You are fast asleep and I will say something to you, if we can do certain processes you will see what you heard in sleep is still there, you can very easily repeat it. In hypnotized conditions these things have been done as experiments, but in yogic system we have always been aware of this. In India, we have been aware of this. You have heard many stories about this. We always thought the best time to put in the best input into a human being is when he is in the mother’s womb. So elaborate care was taken about how a pregnant woman should be, in what kind of atmosphere she should be, under what kind of influence she should come, what kind of influence she should not come. She was not even allowed to meet certain people. Only those people who are most loving and wise and intelligent were allowed meet her. Any kind of negative emotions, any kind of negative situations she was not exposed to because that is the time you can teach, the child is in deep sleep, just forming. Because there is such a sense of deep sleep it's very easy to teach. Now when you are awake, there are any number of distractions. You are listening to me but you are aware of the body. You are scratching your body, you are looking around, you are doing this, you are doing that. When you are in sleep all these things are absent. Your absorption is absolute. So everything that you have heard, seen, smelt, tasted and touched - wakefulness or sleep is recorded; this information is there. Now how harmoniously we use this information is the effectiveness of the mind. Or how much of a mess this information has become is the ineffectiveness or the mess of the mind. To organize this, people have done various things. All kinds of methods and exercises are being brought about in the world. Yes, there are many ways to make minor corrections and make yourself little more effective than before, but if you really want to unleash the mind, not control the mind, if you truly want to unleash the power of the mind, the fundamental thing is your intellect should not be identified with anything. Then, your perception comes to such clarity then mind naturally organizes itself; nobody has to organize the mind. It is very well organized, naturally it is organized. Only because the perception is so distorted, its function and its outcome also is distorted. The moment your intellect, let's differentiate between these two, Intellect is like a scalpel, which is constantly cutting through everything. Your ability to discriminate between one thing and the other is purely because of your intellect. You can make a distinction between me and this seat only because your intellect is functioning. You know that you must come through the door not through the wall only because your intellect is functioning. Without the activity of the intellect you cannot discriminate. So the basic process of discrimination, setting things apart, is happening because of the intellect. So this is like a scalpel which is cutting everything to give you some sense of perception. If a knife has to cut through anything effortlessly and well it's extremely important that whatever that it cuts through does not stick to it. You cut a cake today, somebody said it's there birthday today, 'Happy birthday' to her. You cut a cake today, tomorrow you cut bread, day after tomorrow you cut something else, If all of it the residue of it goes on sticking to this knife, after sometime this knife becomes a useless knife. Whatever you cut, I think some of you in your kitchens you must have experienced the ladies You cut onions with this knife, after that you go and cut mangoes, You go and cut apples, everything taste like onion. Isn't it so? Because the residue of what you cut through once it sticks to the knife now that knife in many ways becomes more of a nuisance than of help. Or in other words once your intellect gets identified with something or the other after that your intellect gets chained with identifications. Once this happens you have a completely distorted experience of the mind. Your mind that which would have been a ladder to the divine, unfortunately has become a stairway to hell.

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In this volume, Sadhguru examines the one tool which distinguishes a human being from all other creatures -- the mind. But like any other instrument, it is only as good as the one who wields it. Unaware of its mechanisms, the mind has become a source of pain and depression for many. In Unleashing the Mind, Sadhguru not only explores ways to transcend its limitations and identifications, but also to tap its full potential and even use the mind as a "ladder to the Divine".

"Your mind, which should have been a ladder to the Divine, unfortunately has become a stairway to hell simply because it is identified with so many things." - Sadhguru

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