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Paul Hawken - Fracturing of the World

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global oneness project Fracturing of the World I tend to see things sort of more practically. I'm not a shaman, I'm not a visionary, I'm just a person who looks at the world and tries to make sense out of it. Paul Hawken - Northern California - Environmentalist, Entrepreneur, Author And I think you see both phenomena. The fracturing of the world is happening very rapidly and has tremendous momentum and inertia. So that, to me, is the overwhelming impetus right now. It's not the coming together, it's not the healing so much as it is the revealing of how shattered we are, both inside and outside. And so the shattering of the world is what we're experiencing right now. It encompasses and calls forth great grief. Often, actually, it calls forth numbness. It's too much. Yesterday a 54-year-old woman was assassinated in Pakistan. It's just horrific. And these things do not make us weep; they make us hardened because it's too much for us to read day after day and to take in and so we're seeing the shattering of the world. The soulful response to that, of course, is very different because the soul screams out for connection, for integration, and not the separation. So that then creates this response in us to reach out to another person, to a group, to a practice, to a teaching, to elders, to wisdom keepers, and those who, in a sense, have held a sensibility about the world that was so seemingly outmoded, so depasse, so useless in a modern world. And there is a slow--maybe picking up pace but--awakening that there are people and there are peoples who very patiently, very quietly, under much duress, under many times much persecution, just held onto this sense, this image, this dream, if you will, this knowledge, this wisdom, that is our common legacy throughout the world. And people are turning to that. - Footage courtesy of the Pachamama Alliance.

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Posted by: global on Sep 25, 2009

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