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elite sports people in the media

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Did... you only learn something not English, everything in life you learn something when you need it so, he learnt English because he needed to speak in English if he want to give information and to participate in the society where he was playing so, of course, of course very much he needed English so he used English and the for he improve his English, of course. This is a very difficult question because... learning English it's easier for people who speak a language which is close so... people who speak germany languages have more... not advantatge but it's easier for them because the structure of the language and everything helps. There is also another fact which has to do with... with the country having a... I don't know, like tv in English for example or having a lot of contact with English in the country mix of course easier they can to learn so, yes and no, it depens on each person and I think that Novak Djokovic for example is a... is someone similar to Nadal in the same that he... he also ask to use English all the time and he uses English all the time as Rafa Nadal and Roger Federer Suich a lang has more is more open to languages so, provably it was easier for for him to learn English because it's part of the language and of the culture of the country. Swing away as... but I told you Nadal lives in Mallorca and and Mallorca is very English, everywhere there are so many things in English and a lot of people, about a milion speaks English because of turism so, again that's... is not a "tipical" Spanish. Yes, I think he improve his vocabulary after the matches because now Rafa plays many hundred and thousands of matches and I think his vocabulary it's better than some years before because some years ago he was... you know, he started to play when he was seventeen years old and he was a boy and his vocabulary was not fluent as now so, I think now he speaks to the press conference and to the media very well and very politly. I think Nadal speaks on the social networks in Spanish, for example in Twitter he put his comment in Spanish but then he put the same comment in English I think because he must put in Spanish the comment and then in English because English it's the international language he has many fans all over the world so English is the good way. As you can see, his website he uses two language: Spanish and English as and Facebook, Twitter...

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Posted by: ingridpino on Jan 11, 2016

elite sports people in the media

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