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Charlie Puth on Locking Lips with Meghan Trainor

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ELLEN: I’m so happy cause I I like to think that I got spot talent and I have a got eye and a good ear for things and I did, I look at you and I was like "there is no way you’re not gonna be huge" and you are, you didn’t disappoint. CHARLIE: Thank you I was telling somebody the other day, It’s like no record executive found me first it was Ellen the Generest so ELLEN: well I like it said I’m so happy for you, I mean, I’m just happy that there like I said that any part of knowing you from the beginning, so you sign you first record deal a year ago, and you’re nominated for three Grammys and you had the biggest record of the summer. CHARLIE: and my album isn’t even out yet ELLEN: It’s amazing, it’s amazing. So when we call you the first time, you didn’t belive us. CHARLIE: No I didn’t actually I’m very sorry about this I hung up on you guys a lot. Because I’m a sophomore in collage, I’m also talking to the audience too. I’m a sophomore I collage and it’s very unrealistic for The Ellen Show call you so I move to my new apartment and I get a call, from the 818 number so Northern Los Angeles, I’m like “What is Angeles, what is this magical place, hello” this is my phone by the way “hello”. And someone of producers call like “Hey is the Ellen Show” I’m like “Hey, cool by”. And then you call my high school, you call my my grammar school, like everybody ELLEN: We were tracking you down CHARLIE: You really did, she has, like trackers that tracked my whole town down. So you did a good job ELLEN: Thank goodness we did. Thank goodness. And so you perform on the American Music awards with Meghan Trainor CHARLIE: I can’t imagine what you’re about to ask me ELLEN: well, what do you want to talk about that?, CHARLIE: Well ELLEN:There is a big kiss at the end CHARLIE: Meghan is my best friend and we wanted to do a kind show, no I’m serious. ELLEN: No I, I can see were your hand is, she is a good friend CHARLIE: That were you put our hands when you are friends ELLEN: when your good friends? CHARLIE: anyway so I made this record, Marvin Gaye it was the first ELLEN: now ones is listen to you they are looking at back CHARLIE: Whatever, cool nice ELLen: all right, you made the record Marvin Gaye CHARLIE: Marvin Gaye was the first [sing]”let’s Marvin Gaye get it on” that song, and it’s the first song I ever wrote in California and I always wanted to make a record, like Marvin Gaye’s Records were you would to put them on this magical record player and everybody which is want, you know, like a get down with each other, you know, like dance to each other. Not like that you’re a dirty minded people. And I, you know which is in the video do like cut’s off and it’s all is visual esthetic for what the song meaning about. ELLEN: well you sold it it was good, and people talk about it so youre going on tour which is really exciting and it’s very very cool so he’s going on tour where gonna give away a pair of tickets to every show on the tour. You can go to our website to find out how you can win tickets and your, this is called CHARLIE: Nine track Mind, a debuted record ELLEN Nine Track Mind ELLEN: And everybody in the audience, you all getting a copy today

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