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Diana Chamia helping baby Kamba from Majunga

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Diana Chamia student at Journalism School of Majunga FBC Foko Blog Club Reporter I am about to ask Philomene on her feelings towards us helping Kamba We are in Tananarive on June 18th at 12.30 am I am very happy about the way I met Diana at the City hall This day I came from the nuns who refused to operate my baby Diana took the risk to take us here in Antananarivo And I want to thank everyone who helped us and took care of everything As we can see here Philomene is thanking everyone abroad who sent the money for the hospitalization and Foko team who want to apologize about the lateness of the updates Diana please tell us more about philomene Philomene is Kamba's mother and the baby has a macrocephale on his fronthead and we are taking care of everything with all the associations around Philomene is not married and has 4 children, she also has a twin sister names Georgette She is here with us taking care of Kamba's twin sister Philomène gave birth in Majunga and couldn't get the doctors to help her they weren't able to give her medicines either and she even went to the nuns but got nothing from them So Diana , tell us about the first time you met this family and how you managed to take care of everything it was destiny because I wasn t supposed to miss my bus stop i was day dreaming and i didnt realize i had to get off the bus i felt angry at myself because i had to walk but then i was looking at this woman who was carrying two children at the same time and i approached them but she wasn t really happy about it "leave us alone, she said, dont stare at my baby this way" she was used to see people pointing her child she felt very sad about it and wanted to protect him it was then when i told her i wanted to help them , not me alone of course because i was only a student i don't have the money to help them ! because i was a member of the Foko Blog Club and had my blog like all the students at the school of journalism i took all my connection hours to start this project and look for help As you can see , kamba s story is something special thanks to diana stuborness and determination even with philomene refusing her help because they met on the street philomene didnt want to get help from people she didnt know, but diana insisted so this is the story of kamba

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Duration: 5 minutes and 51 seconds
Country: Madagascar
Language: Malagasy
Producer: Foko Madagascar
Director: Diana Chamia
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Posted by: foko on Jun 23, 2008

Kamba Antefindrazana's story, the Majunga 1 year-old baby born with a malformation. It was Diana Chamia a future journalist in Madagascar member of FOKO-Majunga who wrote about this story first back in April when she launched this call for help :"Help me help them" when she promised the family to do whatever it takes to help them and baby Kamba.

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