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Deploy apps to an Azure VM scale set with a custom packer image

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[Introduction to this Module] [Deploy Apps to an Azure Virtual Machine Scale Set With a Custom Packer Image] [Male:] If you unpack the title of this module, you’ll see that we’re building a Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment process that's built on top of customized Virtual Machines that will be added to 'scale sets'. And, the creation of that entire Virtual Machine environment will be automated through the use of Packer. So, then we are going to drive beyond setting up the Virtual Machine hosting environment and focus on deploying an application that we’re going to be actively developing, you know, in this scenario, and committing code to in GitHub. So, we want to pull those GitHub bits into our VM environment. So, as you can see, there are many different puzzle pieces that we are going to tackle; different tools in this module. And, frankly, each of the tasks that we are going to demonstrate could frankly be swapped out for other technologies or other techniques, but we felt that these are representative of the kinds of things that we see our customers wanting to do as they set up their continuous integration and deployment pipeline. So, we’re presenting this as a training resource to help you grow more comfortable with the concepts, the tasks, and the tools that are commonly stitched together to create this pipeline. Just be aware that this is merely one way to accomplish Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment workflow inside of Azure using VMs. Yours will likely vary, and it will depend a lot on your organization specific needs. Now, hopefully you’ll agree though that this is 45 minutes well spent.

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