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1984. George Orwell

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You've not asked me the question that's up most in your mind, Winston. You know what is in room 101. Everyone knows what's in room 101. Room 101. You asked me once, Winston, what was in room 101. I told you that you knew already. Everyone knows. The thing that is in Room 101 is the worst thing in the world. It goes beyond fear of pain, or death. It is unendurable and it varies from individual to individual. It may be burial alive or castration or... any other thing. In your case... it is rats. Please.... what do you want me to do?... You will know when it's right. What?... What? what.. How can I do it if I don't know what it is? In the proletarian areas, they will attack a baby and within five minutes strip it to the bone. They also attack the sick, and dying They show astonishing intelligence in knowing when a human being is helpless. Please... The mask fits over your head, leaving no exit. I press the first lever, and the rats move into the front of the cage. I press the second and the door of the cage will slide up. These starving brutes will shoot you like bullets. Have you ever seen a rat leap through the air? They will leap onto your face and bore straight into it. Sometimes they attack the eyes first. Sometimes they burrow through the cheeks and devour the tongue. Tell me... what do you... what do you want?... you want... I love you Do it to Julia! I don't care what you do to her but do it to her! Tear her face off! Do it to Julia, not to me! DO IT TO JULIAAAAAAA!! DO IT TO JULIAAAAAAA!!!! Not MEEEEEEEE!!!!

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Posted by: pilarmham on Jun 9, 2013

Scene of Room 101.

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