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Hubblecast 57: Hubble's hidden treasures revealed

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Hubblecast episode 57: Hubble's Hidden Treasures Unveiled Presented by Dr J, aka Dr Joe Liske Hi and welcome to the Hubblecast A couple of months ago, we invited you to have a look at Hubble’s vast science archives Although scientists work with the data all the time the public don’t get to see many of the amazing images that are stored in there And so it was really great to see so many of you delving into the archive and finding thousands of hidden treasures Producing the stunning pictures that Hubble is famous for isn’t straightforward Unlike your typical digital camera which automatically sets things like contrast, exposure times colour balance and so on Hubble is not optimised to produce aesthetically pleasing pictures It’s optimised for science Turning these scientific images into amazing pictures of the cosmos is not easy, because you have to tweak all of these variables by hand That’s called image processing – and it is a mixture of science and aesthetics So in this episode, I’d like to show some of the most gorgeous pictures that you entered into the Hidden Treasures image processing competition All of the pictures you're about to see were found and processed by members of the public As well as finding many beautiful observations that the public has never seen you’ve really managed to impress us with your image processing skills Congratulations: you have surprised us beyond our wildest imaginations! Hubblecast is produced by ESA/Hubble at the European Southern Observatory in Germany Transcribed by ESA/Hubble.

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Producer: Lars Lindberg Christensen
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Posted by: esahubble on Aug 22, 2012

In this episode of the Hubblecast, Joe Liske (aka Dr J) presents the winners of the Hidden Treasures image processing competition.

In May 2012, we asked members of the public to delve into Hubble's vast science archive to uncover pictures that had never been seen outside of the scientific community — and then to try their hand at processing the scientific data into attractive images.

This episode presents the top ten images from the several thousand submitted.

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