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Plan Rwanda: Iwacu Mucyaro / Our Country Side

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Duration: 1 minute and 48 seconds
Year: 2008
Country: Rwanda
Producer: Rwandan Youth
Director: Rwandan Youth, Plan
Views: 213
Posted by: lraftree on Oct 27, 2008

Rwandan, Médiatrice testifies what it is like living as a widow in the countryside. Food is often scarce and water insufficient. As a widow, Médiatrice must work twice as hard; cultivating her own crops to feed her family as well as cultivating for others to earn money.


La rwandaise, Médiatrice Mukagatsinzi témoigne de la vie à la campagne. La nourriture et l’eau manquent. En tant que veuve, Mediatrice doit travailler deux fois plus; elle cultive ses propres plantations pour nourrir sa famille, maiscultive aussi pour les autres, pour gagner l’argent. Sa vie balance entre les deux.

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