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Zhanna Dosmailova - Vannovka, Kazakhstan - Kazakh (Global Lives Project, 2009) ~16:31:00 - 16:46:00

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Pick me a character. Look after my character, over there. What? Yes, oh! You kicked me out! ― Everything topples. ― Go do somersaults, go silly! Hey Roma, wait, let them lay the cushions. If you want to play with them, wait. You know I won once. Ah, put it right here. Do it this way and you win. Turn somersaults and cast. Do it exactly. ― This way. ― Ah, yes, yes! A player should do this too. Another player should move away from you anywhere. ― And if to catch. ― And if... If he hits, he scores one. ― Two: one. ― Look, this is the way. Can you stand here? Why did you both leave? ― Ah. ― I will. ― I will. ― I. ― Give it to me. Wow, I hit my head! What are you doing? ― I don't know why. ― This way. ― It's my turn now. ― Mine. It's not fair, it doesn't count. Doesn't count, doesn't count. ― Doesn't count. ― There, what? Cast this way! ― Move aside! ― Can't do it, cast. Let me do it now. Stand there, I will cast. We did so many times. ― Keep dreaming. ― Why can I do it every time? You should cast at once. OK, I get it. ― This is the way. ― Hit the target. ― Let's... ― I'll sit down. ― I am after Zhanna. It's your turn. Hit the leg, no, the arm. Yes. ― In a minute. ― Here you are. Move away, why are you still standing here? He didn't hit. ― Who's turn now? ― Zhanna. ― You again? ― Yes. ― Ah. Zhanna, stand up! Wow! He's gonna play tennis! So cool! Ow! ― Perfect! ― What's the score? 2:1 - 2:0 - 2:1. OK, it's enough. ― This one. ― Oh. ― It impedes... ― Nope. Perfect! ― 2:2. ― Yes? ― 2:2. ― Hm. ― Come on. ― Catch up, Roma! ― What? ― Haven't you seen? ― Nope. ― OK, let's do it. ― This auntie is in the way! ― No she isn't! ― Why not? Hit the target: 3. 3:1, no 3:2. ― Look, go this way. ― And I... ― I have 0. ― Right, you have 0. ― You haven't hit the target yet. ― I haven't scored yet. ― Yes. Oh, we scored twice. ― How many times? ― Zhanna twice and I three times. ― And I... Zero yes? I scored 0? Yes. Now it's 3:3. Zhanna let's... And me? ― Now Roma. ― Miss. It's not fair, then you'll do it again. Move aside. Why are you standing? Cast! What, try harder. Cast this way. Too far, what's wrong with you? ― You may hit your head. ― Ups, miss. Well, still 0? ― Sit down. ― Shall I do it first? ― I am first. I am the first in this game - 4:3. 4:3, and I have... ― You have 0. ― And I, and I... And I hit 0 times. Did't hit anything at all. Move aside, it's better. ― No, it's my turn now. ― What, it's Zhanna's. But Zhanna is after me! ― Stand up! ― No, stand up! Oh, it's your turn. ― Perfect. ― Didn't hit... But she hit you here! OK, I am now 4:4. 4:4 is my score. 4:4. ― Miss. ― I... But I held it in my hand. ― So what? ― It's my turn! ― Mine! Hit the target. Hap. 5:4? 5:4. What's your score? ― You are cheating! ― No, not good. ― It's not allowed! ― It is! ― It is not fair! ― But she cast this way! 5:5. What's my score? ― What's my score? ― Yes, haha! ― Ha! ― Well. ― The piano would break. ― Let's... ― That's it, the piano doesn't play. ― Yes. Now again... Hm, I... A perfect hit! Why are you allowed to move away? 6. ― 6 what? ― 6:5. ― Your score is still 0. ― Ha, she... Leave the sofa! You didn't hit! Stand right here! ― Chap chap chap. ― You didn't count. Ups. ― Perfect. ― But... ― Now it's 6:6. Let's move it away. Those... But the piano is in my way. It's not the piano, it's you're jumping too far. ― But I... Don't do that, otherwise you'll hit yourself. ― This way... Miss. ― He... ― He... ― Hm... You and Zhanna. Zhanna stand up! Now... You perfectly hit a hand. 7:6 - 7:6. 7:6. Come on, Roma, hit the target! ― He didn't. ― Let's, those who miss... ― I have, once. You don't have one, you must hit. ― No, she didn't hit me! ― I hit there. It doesn't count, you must hit her! Roma! ― It's my turn. ― No, mine! No, if she doesn't hit you, it doesn't mean that you score. You must hit her. ― Who's turn now? ― Mine. Roma, cast now. Zhanna, are you now, no, me. And I'm standing. Careful. Oh... This way. ― No, this way. ― This is interesting. It's interesting, OK stand up, let's play every day, OK? ― Stand here. - Zhanna come on! OK. ― Zhanna, let's go. ― Yes, OK. Roma, step aside, will you! This way. ― Perfect. ― Perfect. 8, we'll play till 10. ― The last time? ― No, not yet. Yes, once, not twice. You will lose. Zhanna, come on. That's it, hit the target. ― Now it's 8. ― The last time. ― I hit Zhanna. ― No. ― Once. Cast! You didn't hit Zhanna. ― You too... ― who? You scored once, you can't catch up with us. Now, Zhanna, stand up! I scored once! I scored once! You can't catch up with us, that's it. Perfect. 9, I'll do it one more time. Come on, Zhanna! ― Didn't hit. ― I have... No, you have nothing. ― Remember? You must hit. ― Ah, yes. Zhanna, next time, if you cast there, you'll hit it. Shall we... Let's go. You too. ― I'll do it once more. ― No. Put this one. Put it down. Why are you still standing, Zhanna? Ah, wait. I scored twice. No, wait. ― No, it's not good. ― You... ― Ah. Roma, you shouldn't. ― I am now. ― You had to. I'll do it how I want. Alright. So, then. And if... ― Here you are. ― OK. And if... Cast! It's not good, you haven't done somersaults, Roma. ― Alright. ― It's too late now, Roma. Shall I do somersaults? What? ― To do a salto. ― No, turn somersault, but if salto. Do you know salto? Step aside, I'll show you. This is salto! ― This is salto. ― I know too. It's easy. No, wrong. I know how, look. This is the way! That's right. Shall I do it? You haven't hit me! I cast it, but it turned back like boomerang. I hit the leg now. ― No, you missed. ― I'll be back. Hurrah, that's it, we won! ― Stand up, Zhanna. ― OK. Stand still, Zhanna. Hurrah, I scored 10! I won, I won. ― Let's do it again! ― No. ― Let's wait for Roma. ― Please. ― Only once! ― Do you have 9? Do you? ― Let's do it. ― And Roma's score? ― One. ― Ah, one. Roma, hurry up! He'll come in a minute from the toilet. I won! Argh. Where... I won, I leave the game. I won, I scored 10. Stand up, Roma. Come on, Zhanna, hit him and you'll win like me. Hit, that's it, Zhanna won! You lost. And I! Zhanna took the second place. ― I took the second place. ― And I the first. No, don't do that!

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Duration: 15 minutes
Country: Kazakhstan
Language: Kazakh
Producer: Simone Goldsmith
Views: 109
Posted by: glpkazakhstan on Nov 5, 2009

Zhanna Dosmailova - Kazakhstan - 16:30-16:45 (Global Lives Project, 2009)

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