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الاطروحه المهدوية من قناة الكوثر الحلقة الاولى - 6/1

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The translation is not made by a professional. It is not literally the same but roughly, if anything is wrong or needs clarification please inform In the name of Allah , the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. May Allah increase the levels of Mohamad and his houshold peace, mercy and blessing be upon our audience We meet you on the first episode of the subject of Al-mahdi who we will follow up every sunday evening at the same time involves aspects of the belief in the subject of Al-Mahdi, also dealing with misunderstandings and clarifying the principles via Quran and sunna we wish that our audience does not mix this program with our other program "the subjects in 3qa'ed (principles) be it research or question wise so this program is specified on the matter of Al-mahdi And clearly Sayd (from prophets lineage) Kamal Al-Haidary will be always with us welcome sayd Kamal Greetings to you too doctor sayd Kamal, to start we have to clearify to the audience what is generally meant by the subject of Al-Mahdi In the name of Allah , the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. May Allah increase the levels of Mohamad and his houshold the general meaning of the subject of Al-Mahdi is the belief in the existence of a righteous savior at the end of time (just before judgment day) It is an idea that humans thought of through out history hopefully after going through researches done it will be clear for the audience that the belief in the existence of a savior, regardless of what the requirements are or the Identity or features or whether its God's plan or human wish the principle of this belief is a humane principle, and we will discuss that later when we check allot of religious groups we find that circa all of them agree on belief that human journey will end in peace and happiness And this (justice and happiness) is what it is missing now actually so, what we mean by the subject of Al-mahdi at this stage is this general idea Not the specific idea such in the view of Ahlul Bayt school of thought or the view that all the Muslims (in general term) agreed on even those who don't believe in Ahlul bayt school of thought at this stage we are talking about all the different religious schools regardless of whether or not they believe in the SHARIAH or GHAIB this is the title set for this matter Yes through our researches and the upcoming episodes It would be clear in what model or requirement we accept this subject and in what we refute in other words now in the title we want the general idea of the subject however, after research it would be clear that we don't want the general idea but the specific idea please excuse me doctor the other thing I would like to point out in regards to the prologue there is note from one of the writers, who may be from this era, in his book Book name: "Almahdi ALmuntadar in sayings from sunna followers and shia imamya followers"" printed in " DAR ALFATIH LIL NASHR OALTOSIEE" in the prologue of this book there is a note regarding the importance of the research and to what extent was it thought through by the mind of humans if you may I am going to read the notes in the prologue in page 12 He says: there has been an increase in chats regarding the day of liberty and about the liberator, the guider, the sacrificer, the savior and the guided one (Almahdi) a very vast increase (of chats) and these expressions in the book naturally they refer to one school of thought which is different in that sense to the other school God willing, that I will point out when we look at the islamic view we find that the Orafa'a have their explanation to this subject and the Philosophers have their explanation and the speakers within the Sahaba school have their explanation and the speakers within the Imamia school have their explanation but all of them agree that on the end of time there is a day which is the day of salvation there is a day the savior would come and save humanity from all its pains, problems and differences and humanity will come to peace and justice and equality and aspire what it tried to aspire through it's long history He says: If a researcher went to collect books written on this subject he would have found hundreds of workbooks and that shows you how important this subject is among human thinkers throughout history and subject of the awaited Mehdi is a (شائك) subject which more than a billion Muslim believes in it is clear that not only muslims believe in this but all the "heavenly religions" as well because it has a base in all religions, or rather it has a base in the human mind (فطرة) and that will be clear later on meaning we will find basis of this subject in Buthism, Barahima, zawadoshdiya and chinese confucianism and such. when we look at these religious we will find in some way they believe in the idea, basis and subject of AlMehdi But don't say: that "Alhaydari says that everyone believes in what Ahlulbayet school believes in". No, that is not the case. Everybody explains it according to their thoughts, knowledge, religion and social basis. after that it would be clear that even the Marxism believed that we will end in a society with no divided classes i.e. equality and that is the promised day in the Marxism materialistic theory. He says that: subject of the awaited Mehdi is a "شائك" subject which some one believes in, as if everyone awaits the achievement of islams preciousness. off-course the writer is talking at an Islamic level (point of view)

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الاطروحه المهدوية من قناة الكوثر الحلقة الاولى

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