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Zeitgeist: Moving Forward [JANUARY 2011] (Unofficial Trailer)

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Now, in our culture, we've been trained for individual differences to stand out. So, you look at each person and immediately it is: brighter, dumber, older, younger, richer, poorer. and we make all these dimensional distinctions, put them in categories and treat them that way. And we get so that we only see others as separate from ourselves in the ways in which they're separate. And one of the dramatic characteristics of experience is being with another person and suddenly seeing the ways in which they are like you, and not different from you, and experiencing the fact - that which is essence in you, which is essence in me, is indeed one the understanding that there is no other. It is all one. So I was just born as a human being and then I learned this whole business of who I am, and whether I'm good or bad or achieving or not, all that's learned along the way. And all I could see were the problems, and the fears of society, but none of the potential, none of the positive questions about: "What is man to do next?", they're not even interested in that. They are so committed to the fact that this society is the way it is and that's all that you can expect, and that's what I call vested interest in the ongoing game, and if you have vested interest in the ongoing game, you are frightened by anything that might change it. Look, we now know that there is enough to go around, alright? In other words, if we could truly collaborate with our fellow man, there would be enough to go around for the world. But none of us can break through our own models of the way the game goes enough to do the things necessary to bring about that realization. And it's only when there is enough that we can become back to "we", both of us the subject, and experience the unity when we are truly collaborative about our resources. Man has come out of the jungle where there wasn't enough and where he fought for it, and he built a whole ethic around not having enough. And now to be able to really shift that ethic is a very... you know, in the whole motivational pattern connected with it, it is a very difficult thing for them to do. The choice lies with you. We have the brains, the know-how, the technology, and the feasibility, to build an entirely new civilization.

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Duration: 3 minutes and 3 seconds
Country: Argentina
Language: English
Genre: Trailer
Producer: Cristian Kirk
Director: Cristian Kirk
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Posted by: cdf83 on Oct 3, 2010

As the title says this is an unofficial trailer for Zeitgeist: Moving Forward to be released on January 2011.

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